Best AliExpress Brands – Vol. 2 (Clothing)

(Link to the part 1: Best Brands on AliExpress – Electronics)

As you already know, we are looking to give some exposure to decent Chinese brands, because, let's be honest, replicas are usually of a sub-par quality (and are illegal), and for the same price – and sometimes for less – you can be supporting a legitimate brand with their own designer team and original production.

If you know AliExpress well, which I assume you do since you're visiting our blog, you know that on AliExpress you can find quality things for cheap prices, you just need to know how to look.

As a rule of thumb, you should be getting the most out of your money if you now how to shop in a smart way on AliExpress.

So if you are searching for the best AliExpress brands, read further, because we took the annoying part out of your search: this week we are going to focus on the best clothing brands.

Best AliExpress Brands – Vol. 2 (Clothing)




Product links: pants; hoodie; sweater

Best known for: stylish men's clothing.

Price range: ~$12-30

Started in 2011, Simwood has been gaining more and more attention in China, and Worldwide. Their designs are inspired by the traditional clothing style in Europe and United States.

Visit Simwood store on AliExpress




Product links: 1st women's jacket:; men's jacket:; men's parka:

Best known for: premium-quality designer winter jackets.

Price range: $75-120

ICEbear is one of the more expensive Chinese brands. It can be expected, that in the country that produced 2 million millionaires in 2014 alone, the classes of goods will vary, and ICEbear is one of the higher-end ones. Still, the jackets of a comparable build and quality would cost much more in the stores, and this is our main point: the get the best bang for your buck.

(If you are reading this article prior to 11.11, the prices of ~$200 per jacket should be ignored, normally they are below $100, the sellers jack the price before the sale, as we discussed earlier).

Visit ICEbear store on AliExpress

P.S.: If you're into more expensive clothing brands, that still cost much less than retail, check out MIEGOFCE store (another legit brand) on AliExpress.




Product links: Shirt; sweater; jeans

Best known for: affordable luxury clothing.

Price range: ~$35-70

ARTKA is another luxury clothing brand on AliExpress.

They manufacture a wide variety of women's clothing for different seasons, seemingly focusing primarily on fall/spring collections.

Visit ARTKA store on AliExpress




Product links: striped shirt; black shirt; trench coat

Best known for: unique urban Japanese-style clothing.

Price range: ~$12-50

If you want to get a feel and taste of the Japanese urban clothing, that's not all colors and random cartoon characters, TOYOUTH just might be the brand for you.

You can read more about the designer, Ceci, here – but tl;dr is that she had a dream of becoming a fashion designer, and now that she did, she embraces it fully, and doesn't stop growing and developing her own style.

Visit TOYOUTH store on AliExpress.



li-ning store aliexpress

Product links: dioptric swimming glasses; quick-dry shorts; running shoes

Best known for: sport apparel and badminton gear.

Price range: $15-45

If you need quality sport clothing, or anything related to badminton and swimming, Li-Ning is a good brand to look at.

They manufacture swimming and badminton gear, as well as running shoes and general branded fitness apparel.

Visit Li-Ning store on AliExpress

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