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Futuristic gadgets that will make you live in 3019

It’s been a few years since October 21, 2015, and we still don’t have mass-produced self-tying Nike shoes. You can still make your life easier and more fun by using these futuristic gadgets that will help you live like it’s 3019, that you can already find for sale no further than in the links in this post.


Price: $2.86

We live in the age when being implanted with a chip to use instead of your documents, credit cards and keys is a very convenient, though a bit disturbing thing that can soon become a reality.

But before we are all a subject to mandatory chipping (just kidding), some individuals choose to voluntarily wear these NFC nail chips.


Price: $179.99

ILife V7 is the most purchased robot vacuum cleaner in its category that actually does the job well.


Price: $7.48 – 10.77

Lights that greet you when you enter the room. They can be placed anywhere you want to: stairs, under cabinets, under the bed – as long as you can creatively lay the wires because they need a steady source of power. In addition to the motion sensor, they also have a brightness sensor, which means they won’t waste your energy when they don’t need to be working.


Price: $123.24

Cleaning windows is a tedious process. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Except for this robot of course, the sole purpose of which is to scrub your glass clean of street grime and residual stem cells from nearby trees. This method of cleaning windows will take longer than a regular manual scrubbing, but it requires minimal effort.

Personally I would not buy one right now though, as these are just going through the first generation of these devices, and I would wait for an updated version instead once all the kinks and quirks (some people report that they fall off sometimes and that the power cord is not long enough for example), but if you really want to try one out right now, the link is below.


Price: $1,520

Personal modes of transportation like this can come quite handy and mostly acceptable in large cities, to get around from one place to another to avoid using public transit and to save time. This two-wheeler has an option for both using the electric motor, and to run it on gasoline as well. One charge should cover you for about 28 km, and if needed – it can be filled up with liquid dinosaurs.

It should be noted, that in some jurisdictions running a device like this on the road might require a drivers license and insurance (one dude in my city got ticketed for this, and subsequently scooters like this are no longer allowed for road use in the city).


Price: $23.82 – 28.64

“One charger to rule them all, One charger to find them, One charger to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”

– /u/TuffTitti


Price: $40.79

If you often travel, work late, or just in general want to avoid having to continuously worry about watering your plants, here is an automated solution that will take the biggest headache out of it. It connects to an app where you can set your own schedule.

The only thing you have to do is to refill the water container that the device will be taking the water from.


Price: $120.48

A medium-sized hologram imitation projector that comes with a micro-SD card and software for creating the images included with it. The device with a few LED’s spins around itself and projects an image while doing so.

The projector can be turned on manually or using the remote control that’s included with the purchase.

If you own a storefront or a cafe this can be an pretty new and unique way to promote your new products and offers, if not – this is a pretty expensive toy.

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