AliExpress suddenly shows in Russian / Hebrew / Klingon?

Did your AliExpress suddenly start showing in Russian, or in any language other than the one you understand? Don't worry, it is extremely easy to change language on AliExpress back to English.


How to change the language on AliExpress?

No worries. It's easy.


When I was looking at motorcycle boots, one seller sent me a link that contained a snippet of a code, which changed my AliExpress page to Portugese (why he did this is unclear since they knew I live in Canada).

But the problem was really easy to fix.


Step 1:



Step 2: Once the page loads up completely, look in the top right corner. There will be the link that reads “Go to Global Site (English)“.

AliExpress change language


And that's it! After this you should have the page display in the language that you hopefully have sufficient understanding of. Did you know that you right now are looking at the site with the best AliExpress finds? Scroll below to see the items that were carefully vetted by our team.

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