New record: AliExpress shipping times to Canada

Hi friends!

Just wanted to give a quick update to those who are concerned about the wait recently associated with shipping to Canada.

Rumors have it (not officially verified, just something people say) that due to the fentanyl smuggling, a lot of which supposedly comes by mail from China, all packages have to be manually checked. So you can imagine, a bunch of packages get accumulated, and just sit in a pile in a warehouse somewhere. And the fact that newer packages arrive, yet the old ones still seem to be missing, suggests that the postal workers might only have time to work through the more recent packages, while the old ones are still pending checks.

Now the reason why products shipped with e-Packet are arriving much faster might be because the process is different for packages shipped by sea and for the ones that arrive by plane. Which would make sense,  because the Metro Vancouver Port, which handles cargo coming from China might be having a hard time sorting through every single package coming for Canadians.

Last Wednesday, Feb. 22nd I have received 2 packages. One of which I ordered on October 12th, 2016; and the other is from Feb. 8th of this year. The first one was shipped regular mail, the second was shipped with e-Packet.

While the first package isn't trackable, the second one is, and here is the screenshot of tracking page:

Lots of updates, I know, but the important part is that if the tracking is correct, the package left China on the 18th, got cleared at customs, and got delivered to me in just 3 days! At the same time, the second package broke the record of the slowest-arriving package ever, with the total delivery length of 132 days – the previous one was at around 90, with the motorcycle boots that an amateur seller forgot to declare value on… I'm glad it finally arrived, because I already came with the terms that I might never see it again.

Here are some pics of both products:

Link to the jacket: (free e-Packet shipping)

Link to the silicone spatula holder:


  1. Thanks for the shipping info. I have been waiting about 90 days for a few orders placed in December 2016. I just placed an order using e-Packet, I'll let you know how long it takes to get to Canada.
    • awsteenpowerz69yahoobiz
      Jim, glad you found it helpful. It is a little discouraging having to wait for so long, but with all things considered, it is understandable. And thank you, please do. It would be helpful for everyone reading this to know how things develop.
      • UPDATE: Got my package is 17 days via ePacket!!!!! Much faster than the usual 60-90+ days. The price for my ePacket shipping was $4.25 CAN for a few small items. Not all sellers offer ePacket.

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