3-in-1 Clip-on camera lens

Who doesn't love fish-eye pictures?

I have bought two of those, one of which after a brief test has been gifted to a friend; and I missed having a fish-eye lens, so I got one for myself.

Clip-on 3-in-1 Lens Attachment – REVIEW

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/i2mVl (AliExpress) // http://shrsl.com/?dqaj (GearBest)

This 3-in-1 clip-on camera lens comes with 3 different lenses: fish-eye, wide-view and macro.

2 Lenses have protective caps, the third (macro) is a part of the wide-view lens assembly – it screws into it, so it does not really need its own cap.

The lenses were shipped inside a bubble mailer envelope, inside a plastic protective case.

When I got the package and saw only two lenses, and I got a bit upset until I saw a paper instruction explaining that the wide-view lens in fact consists of two parts, and the inner part does indeed include the macro piece.

Cell phone fish eye camera AliExpress

Wide view clip-on AliExpress

The clip is made of thick quality plastic, it did not give me a feel that it breaks easily. It sits tight, and does not come off easily (in a sense that it's very hard to accidentally drop it). The lenses easily and smoothly screw in.

The macro has a left-hand thread, so it unscrews in the opposite direction – to unscrew it, you have to turn it clockwise.

Fish-eye lens AliExpress review

Wide-view lens AliExpress review

Clip-on lens AliExpress

Fish eye clip-on lens AliExpress


Here are some examples of pictures I took with these lens attachments – taken with my LG E960 (Nexus 4). Please excuse the quality of images, it has been reduced by the plugin that saves space / increases page loading time.

Example 1:

Original (no lens) vs. fish-eye vs. wide-view lens, low light/wide angle shot.

No lens

Wide view

Fish eye lens example

The angle on the wide-view is approximately 150% larger than the view without the lens.

The fish-eye is actually the widest; but it curls the sides, while the wide-view keeps the view more realistic-looking, just bending it slightly.

Example 2:

Original (no lens) vs. fish-eye vs. wide-view, medium light/wide angle shot.

Original - no lens



The weird discoloration on the fish-eye is just my camera not focusing properly – I am posting this picture to show the difference in the angle.

I like fish-eye lens more for close-up pictures, and wide-view for the wide angle shots.

Example 3:

Original (no lens) vs. fish-eye, medium-low light/close-up shot.

Original example 3

Fish-eye example 3

Both pictures were taken from the exact same spot, I tried to not move my arm when I was clipping the lens on.

Some of the stuff from my room:

Link to the light: http://bit.ly/21uf0VH
Link to the store where I got the poster: http://bit.ly/21ufaw9 (and review)
Link to the metallic tin plates store: http://bit.ly/1LfXaBG
Link to the wall “plants”: http://bit.ly/1Rqpi4z

Random fish-eye close-up shots.

close-up fish eye

close-up 3


Macro lens.

Macro ended up being the most underrated lens of all three. It freaking rocks!

macro lens aliexpress

Macro lens example

You do have to hold it very up-close, so the pictures come out properly focused. I failed at it slightly, but I blame the crappy camera on my phone.

Overall verdict: It's an amazing buy for $2.72.

I can't believe they sell them this cheap, I'd pay up to $20 for the set.

The fish-eye lens is great for portrait shots, and the wide-view is about 1.5x the original picture. The macro takes a little getting used to, but once you understand how to get it to focus, you can take really cool shots.

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/i2mVl (AliExpress) // http://shrsl.com/?dqaj (GearBest)


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