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Best AIO (All-In-One) Vaporizers on AliExpress [18+]

If you are not 18+/21+ (the age of majority in your country), PLEASE EXIT THIS POST IMMEDIATELY!

Vaping has changed a lot in the last 5 years. And while people still use bigger and heavier systems with 18,650 mAh batteries, all-in-one (AIO) systems are setting a high bar with portability, reduced cost, and less maintenance.

Some AIO vaporizers nowadays even come with rebuildable atomizers, which can no longer be a deterrent for trying a low-wattage system. They offer a decent throat hit (given your choice of juice, of course), they are lighter, easier to carry around, and they generally cost about half the price of the bigger systems.

I intentionally did not include any SMOK devices in this list – personally, I've had a lot of issues with them – leaking and general reliability. I've also skipped all AIO systems like Joyetech eGo, where the glass is a part of the case, and in case of damage to it the entire device would need to be replaced.

This is a list of the best AIO vaporizer systems that you can currently buy on the market. Also, AliExpress prices are much lower than what you would normally find in stores, so these are likely going to be the best deals you can find around.


voopoo vinci review

Price: $24.90

Main features

Battery size: 1,500 mAh

Pod capacity: 5.5 ml

Coils: 0.3Ω (rec. 32-40W) / 0.6Ω (rec. 20-28W)

RBA section: yes, optional

Output power range: 5-40W

Type of nicotine: Salt Nic ✔️ / Freebase ✔️

voopoo vinci coils
Compatible coils

VOOPOO Vinci is the best choice at this time.


1. Gene.AI chip, that can automatically adjust the power based on the resistance of the new coil – to prevent them from burning out prematurely.

2. Anti-spill mod design – the fill hole is on the bottom, and is only exposed when the mod is removed for refilling.

3. Smooth drags and auto/manual modes for starting.

The 1,500 mAh battery, which charges through the micro-USB cable, will easily last you through the day.

It has a 0.96″ TFT color display, which shows all the basic stats, along with the puff counter.

MOST DURABLE: GeekVape Aegis Boost 💪

Geekvape Aegis Boost

Price: $29.20

Main features

Battery size: 1,500 mAh

Pod capacity: 3.7 ml

Coils: 0.6Ω (rec. 15-28W)

RBA section: yes, optional

Output power range: 5-40W

Type of nicotine: Salt Nic ✔️ / Freebase ✔️

I've been using my GeekVape Aegis Boost for about a year now.

I bought an additional RBA section for it (highly recommended for using your own coils). I use it with the 0.8 fused clapton coils – each coil lasts me for about 4 months with heavy daily use – I drag it every few minutes when I work right at my desk: the joys of working from home 😏

GeekVape Aegis is shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof with an IP67 Rating.

The display is small, but it shows the battery status, the puff counter and the current wattage.

The stock mod comes with a plug coil type-system, two types of drip tips, and a cover to keep the dust and debris out.

If you prefer to not use an RBA kit, you should get extra coils ahead of time.


UWELL Caliburn G

Price: $29.99

Main features

Battery size: 690 mAh

Pod capacity: 2 ml

Coils: 0.8Ω

RBA section: no, the pod is too small

Output power range: 13-18W

Type of nicotine: Salt Nic ✔️ / Freebase ✔️

Like a JUUL, but better.

It is a pod system, but the coils are replaceable. No need to throw the pod out – less plastic waste.

The maximum wattage is 18W, and the wattage will adjust automatically based on the resistance of the coil (there are options for 0.8Ω and 1.0Ω).

Welcome to the 21st century! This vape comes with a USB-C port for faster charging.

No display, and the power indicator on the bottom shows the charge level (green = 60%+, blue = 60-30%, red = under 30%).

The design of the pod is actually genius: the airflow is on one side or the bottom. Since the magnet will connect regardless of which side you insert, you can flip it over for MTL/DTL flow. See the image below for explanation.

You can fire it up with either a push of the button, or just by dragging it.

BEST VALUE: GeekVape Wenax 

Price: $19.17

Main features

Battery size: 1,100 mAh

Pod capacity: 2 ml

Coils: 0.6Ω / 1.2Ω

RBA section: no, the pod is too small

Output power range: 9-16W

Type of nicotine: Salt Nic ✔️ / Freebase ✔️

Don't let the price mislead you: this is a cheap vape that doesn't feel cheap.

If you have been put off by vaping because of the buttons, screens and menus, this would be an ideal device to make the switch.

Wenax automatically adjusts the power output depending on what coil is in, and you can also fine-tune it.

The 0.6Ω coil lets you choose between 14,15 or 16W. The 1.2Ω coil lets you choose between 9, 10 or 11W.

If this is what your choice is, make sure to get extra coils.



Price: $36.36

Main features

Battery size: 520 mAh

Pod capacity: 2 ml

Coils: 1.2Ω

RBA section: no, the pod is too small

Output power range: 11W

Type of nicotine: Salt Nic ✔️ / Freebase ✔️

The UWELL Caliburn KOKO is basically a regular Caliburn, but with a smaller square battery.

The coils aren't replaceable – you need to get a new pod once the coil burns out, but with the smaller wattage, each coil should last you for a good while. The link I have below will give you 4 pods, and you can always buy more here or locally.

A nice touch with the KOKO's design is the notch on the top right corner. You should be old enough to remember that some cell phones used to have that – it's a nice throwback 🙂

UWELL Caliburn KOKO review

Other things you will need if you go with an RBA kit (much cheaper than using ‘regular' coils in the long term):

Simple coils (0.4 – 2.2Ω): Check the price on regular coils on AliExpress

Specialized coils (0.12 – 0.6Ω): Check the price on AliExpress

Cotton – this is the one that I use myself: Check the best price on AliExpress

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$95 Blackview A80 PRO: Poor man’s Realme 7

I got this phone 4 months ago, and used it as my main device. Before that I had a Umidigi F1, which my girlfriend dropped and cracked the screen.

I have looked at a few phones under $100 because I am cheap, and also because I don’t need a phone for anything other than calling, browsing social media and occasional light games when I’m on the toilet.

After a few options, I have decided on a Blackview A80 Pro, which had a sizable battery, numerous LTE bands and a quad-cam on the back. Because the whole thing only costs $95, I was suspicious, but there the smartphone has surprised me.

BLACKVIEW A80 PRO smartphone review

CPU Helio P25

Battery capacity 4680mAh


Onboard memory 64 GB

Display: 6.49″ 720*1560 pixels, 19:9

Rear cameras 13MP (Sony 258)+2MP+0.3MP+0.3MP

Front Camera 8MP

As of now you can buy this smartphone for $94.99, and it will include the smartphone, the charger + USB-C cable, silicone case and a screen protector.

But the main question is: is it fast? Can it handle functionality other than calling and texting?

Blackview A80 PRO's processor: how does Helio 25 perform?

The processor is relatively good. I have not experienced any significant lag, other than on non-mobile optimized websites. The worst offender was the local fish store, which did not only take an eternity to load, but the icons were really slow to move. To be fair, it took a while to load on my other phone as well, though navigating the site didn’t feel as laggy. 

I tried my regular Block Game and Candy Crush games, and the animations were smooth and the colors looked pleasant. I’ve downloaded a more hardware-demanding game called CarXHighwayRacing, played it for a bit, and did not have any issues with lag. This was also when I realized that the phone has a gyro sensor, which was odd as I couldn’t get it to work with the stargazing app.


Antutu score for this smartphone is 101346

The octa-core MediaTek Helio P25 crunched the tasks I threw at it with grace and elegance.

RAM, Speed and Extra Features

The RAM is 4 GB. I didn’t run into any problems using multiple apps at once, but I do keep the habit of closing the app after I’m done using it. There is a RAM cleaning feature, which can be used by clicking the x button on the bottom. It tells you how much memory is cleaned, which I thought was pretty cool.

What was also cool is the speed of the data connection, which is shown on the top left. I don’t know if it combines the upload and download speeds, which is a bit confusing if you are uploading and waiting for something to load at the same time, but this is more of an exception as most people don’t normally do both.

The battery is 4680 mAh, which for me works for at least two days at medium use. The charging is done through the USB type-C port, which is the expected norm.

Quad-camera: good or bad?

The display is 6.5” with a daterdrop camera in the middle. I don’t watch videos on it very often, but when I do, I don’t find that the camera gets in the way. But of course, some people might react differently to it.

The quad-camera to me was one of the most interesting things about this smartphone. On one hand, it could be terrible, given that it was a cheap phone, on the other hand the theoretical bar was pretty high, as there are four lenses on the back, which is twice the amount of lenses that I had on my previous phone.

The sharpness of the images turned out surprisingly adequate. In daylight and in the cloudy weather the images turned out vivid and sharp. The selfie camera did well. The video from the selfie camera was not flickery, the colors were okay, and you could really see the pores on my elderly skin, which was a bit unflattering to observe.

The camera has the beauty mode built-in.

For the low-light camera shots, I found that it was harder for it to focus in the short range, so in some cases I had to resort to using the manual focus in the professional mode.

Videos can be recorded in 1080p, again the autofocus was a bit slow and doesn't always find the perfect sharpness. But the exposure quickly adapts to the situation. There is electronic stabilization, and you can see here that it works okay.

The first time I used the camera, I noticed that there was a sneaky logo placed in the bottom left, which tells me that this is the modified version of Android. I didn’t notice any bloatware or any other unexpected apps, but it was worth noting anyway.

What really pissed me off about the video, is that there was no obvious setting to change the video file recorded from 3GP to MP4. I only noticed that when I tried uploading the test recordings into the editing software for this video. It plays fine on my PC, Google Drive plays them without hesitation, but I’d rather not have to use a converter or a 3rd party app for the videos to get them in a 21-st century format.

The resolution is 720 x 1560, which doesn’t let you watch 1080p videos, and YouTube operates in 720p only, but really for the size of a smartphone display, the difference between watching a 1080 vs a 720 video is not really noticeable.

Pro's and con's


  • The processor is actually fast (I admit: I was skeptical at first)
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonably priced and efficient
  • Has a waterproof layer
  • Battery life is amazing
  • Display is really big and colours are great


  • Camera takes a while to focus in low light
  • Default format for video capturing is 3GP (just…why?), with no option to change it


To say the least, I am pretty happy with this phone. Are there a few things that I was not happy with? Sure. The camera could definitely be better.

Will I continue using it? Absolutely. I have no reason or desire to upgrade, because for now it is a solid fit for what I need it to do.

Though I did reach out to Umidigi to see if they can hook me up with their A7 Pro that a lot of people seem to be interested in.

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Were the 11.11 prices real? AliExpress Unboxing: Vol. 12

It’s been awhile since the last unboxing haul. I have ordered a lot of things for the 11.11 sale, and most of them have already arrived because I spent a few extra dollars for the E-Packet shipping. This is going to be a cast edition, because I have a little injury on my right thumb. We will see the sale prices, and will compare it to the current price to see if the sale price was real.

The products are listed below the video. We apologize for the sound in the video – we will no longer use songs with lyrics. We added subtitles to the video to help understand it better, or you can read the full post with the descriptions below.

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Price: $13 | 11.11 Price: $9.81

Since a lot of westerners got tattoos with random Chinese words, the manufacturers decided to keep the tradition going and name their brands with random English words, so the first sunglasses we have are from the brand called Cool Pandas.

They came with the carrying case, inside we have a piece of cleaning cloth, another carrying case, a keychain (as a gift), a piece of paper to check if they are polarized, and the sunglasses. The frame is solid and relatively strong, the movement of the joints is smooth, and they passed the polarization test.

I didn’t like how they look on me though, so I will be looking at reselling them locally.


Price: $4.71 | Same 11.11 Price

The second pair of sunglasses I found searching for Elton John sunglasses, because we recently watched the Rocketman movie and I liked his sunglasses choice.

These also came with the cloth and a soft pouch, and with a paper for the test, as I went with the polarized version. These ones pass the test as well. I really liked this model, and decided to keep these for the summer. The frame is really solid, and I was very happy with the price I paid for them.


Price: $8.22 | $7.75 11.11 Price

I went pack to using liquid soap for washing hands, so I decided to buy an automatic soap dispenser, though I admit that this was more of an impulse buy. The dispenser uses 4 AAA batteries to run.

The container opens on the top, and takes about 300 ml of soap. It takes a few seconds to activate, and dispenses a generous amount of soap equal to roughly 2 sqiurts of soap from a regular manual dispenser.

The important part is to turn it on while holding it above your head (the switch is on he bottom), while holding it by the side to avoid activating it and getting an eyeful of soap – or fill it up after it's turned on.

The device is not life-changing, but it’s not bad for convenience.


Price: $2.67 | Same 11.11 Price

For showering I ordered honey soap, because I really like the way it smells. I won’t spend too much talking about it though because the product itself isn’t too exciting.


Price: $3.88 | 11.11 Price 2.45

The next item are decorative letters that I got for the bedroom. Despite what you might think, the letters are actually just the first initials of my and my girlfriend’s names, and I hope it won’t result with me getting on some watchlist.

The 11.11 price was also good in this case. Each letter needs 2 AAA batteries to work, and there is a switch on the back. So far I only turned them on once to test them. The plastic quality is not outstanding, which is kind of expected for the price. But they are quite big, and I like how they look.


Price: $9.70 | 11.11 Price: 11.25

Here we have a beard kit, with which I dun goofed because the 11.11 sale that I paid like a chump was actually higher than the regular price, but it’s fine because it costs twice as much on Amazon for the same set. Still though, it made me feel a bit foolish.

It comes with the beard oil with a soft fir smell, a beard balm, a wooden comb, and a brush. I’ve been using it for about a week now, and my beard is looking much more tame.


Price: $14.25 | 11.11 Price: $14.70

The next item is my favourite from this haul. The 11.11 price was $14.70, and right now it costs a bit less, being sold at $14.25. But on top of the total order cost I got an additional coupon, which brought the total price down by another 10%.

The stand has an option to run from 3 AA batteries or from a wall plug, which would be great to have on all the lights that I bought so far. To save space it was flattened out before shipping, and I spent a couple minutes putting it into the shape that I liked. It produces a soft white light, and I think it looks really pretty.

This was the first part of the 11.11 haul, I still have a couple items on the way, and I will make a new unboxing video once they all arrive. 

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Unboxing – Vol. 11: Selfie light, $3 watch and FISH FLOPS

A new batch of the useless things from AliExpress has arrived, and today we will open them, test them, and see what they are like. 

All items from this haul have been ordered about 3 weeks ago. Almost all of these items, except for the last one, have been included in the last best-selling items from AliExpress for $5 or less post. All of them have been shipped with regular non-trackable shipping, and I was quite surprised that they have arrived relatively fast (compared to the 6-8 weeks like it was in the past).

The video for those who have the time to enjoy the full process, the condensed text version with the product links is below.


The first item is a clip-on selfie light, which I guess is meant for clipping onto your smartphone and be used as a supplementary light source for taking brighter pictures of your face with a frontal camera, but really it can be used with your rear camera, and to clip onto various things to make your surroundings brighter.

The light works off 2 AA batteries, and it has three lighting modes. I have to say this device makes a significant difference in terms of providing light. Like, it’s really bright for such a small thing. I am not sure if it’s legal, but I decided to use it with the rear camera as well to illuminate these two handsome fellows – below is what it looks like in a fully dark room with the light turned on at the maximum setting.


A $3 watch which at this point has over 18,000 orders that I suspect is quite popular with dropshippers.

People often ask me, do the cheap watches feel cheap? Well, yes, this one does, it costs $3. But I have to say that it looks very decent. I know the price is relative, but I’m sure that others who aren’t that familiar with AliExpress would be surprised to hear how cheap it is.


The next item is a newer version of a magnetic charger cable. What makes it so special, you might ask. We get a few additional corks and features. First of all, the cable has a protective covering from a material. It’s some sort of thick bendy resin plastic. It has a light on the end which makes it easier to find it when it’s dark in the room. And third, the tip is smaller than the ones that we have seen in the old unboxing videos which means I can use it with my phone case.

The magnets are pretty strong and if the tip is up to an inch away from the cable it will come flying to it which is quite a romantic spectacle. The connection seems to be strong enough to support the weight of the phone, but I wouldn’t trust it to hold the phone above the dark abyss.


Here we have a travel bag for all your wire needs, although I don’t see why it can’t be used as a regular stationary bag for all the extra wires that usually just blissfully wrap themselves around each other like some adventurous folks from certain craigslist meetups.

There is a separate pocket for SD cards, in which I was only able to fit two of them. The bag can hold 18 short individual cables, or less if the cables are longer. The bag has been described as waterproof, but I would instead describe it as mildly water and splash-resistant.


The next item is an absolute jewel, this is something that I have been patiently waiting for and now it finally is here. If you watched my previous videos from a month ago you probably already know what I’m talking about. There are the fish slippers, or as I think we all should call them, fish flops. There were a few color options, of which I opted for the green ones.

These fish flops are not the most comfortable pieces of footwear that I have owned, as I generally don’t find the Vietnamese-style thong slippers all that comfortable, but I have bought them for the shock factor and the lulz, and that they do quite well.

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