AliBaba’s (AliExpress) 11.11 Sale 2016: Results

Alibaba's Singles Day sales break $5 billlon in an hour, according to

The total $17.73 billion in sales broke the record, though the growth of 32% from the last year did not come close to the 60% of 2014 vs. 2015.

The same article as listed above tells us that around 82% of sales were made through mobile devices, more than the last year's 68% (9.8 billion of the total 14.3).

aliexpress 11.11 sale
The aftermath of the 2015 11.11 sale

The prices on AliExpress are already going back to normal, pre-11.11 prices, which was 5-25% more on about 20 products that I checked.

AliBaba's (AliExpress) 11.11 Sale 2016: Results

For example, this watch was sold for $3.29, the current price is $3.89 (18% more).

cheap aliexpress watch

Link: (product unavailable)


Or this viking hat, which was sold for $11.39, is now $12.62 (an 11% increase).




Puppyoo vacuum cleaner sold for $129.60, now is $139.20 (7.5% more).




A handbag that was sold at $23.44, now is $27.90 (19% up).


Product link:


And KZ ATE, that we saw in the Best 11.11 Deals list, changed from $3.92 to $9.80 overnight in the listing that was discounted, and can't be found for less than $4.99, which is still 27% more.


[my review of KZ ATE]


Product link:


I bought a bunch of cool stuff, including 3 different Bluetooth speakers between $6 and $20, that I will review in a separate video.

Hope that you bought something cool and useful as well. If not, there still are a lot of cheap products on AliExpress, that routinely cost proportionately less to the retail prices.

Like these things for $1 or less.

under 1 dollar collage logo

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