AliExpress sales EXPOSED. The actual truth about AliExpress sales.

On the front page of AliExpress there is a link for daily deals. The deals seem really good, and the discounts seem too good to pass on. This is how I got hooked up on AliExpress, this is how I made my second purchase – a hair trimmer, which was “discounted” from $75 to $25.

I was happily using it for a number of months when I came across the listing, where this same trimmer was sold for half the “discounted” price. Then I checked the daily deals page, and used my ninja search skills to compare the prices that are listed on the sale page, and the normal, everyday price of the items. I was unpleasantly surprised.

For example, let's look at this daily deal:

smart watch sale

$33.12 after the $368.00 – a 91% discount, seems pretty good right?

That is until you see the same watch at a regular, everyday price of $27.99.

smart watch regular price

Most AliExpress sale items are like that, except for the main daily deal that is on the counter. I found that usually the deals that have a limited number of items on sale are legitimate, and often feature new items that AliExpress choses to promote.

For example, today's (October 20) deal on Bluedio Air headphones.

bluedio air sale

Deal link:

The current next best price offering is at $60.53, but that's as low as they go.

There actually are sales that actually are good.

For example, the last year's 11.11 sale was amazing.

I have bought a pair of $33 motorcycle boots that I still use to that day –  the cheapest price I can find now is $46.99 (there is a listing for $37.84, but they also charge $21.21 for shipping).

Pro Biker boots order

Here is what the regular price is:

Pro Biker boots regular price

There are options with a cheaper per item price, but they do not come with free shipping:

Pro Biker boots regular price with shipping

During the last year's 11.11 sale I have bought a few other things, mostly motorcycle gear that I have been selling throughout this summer. Everything that I bought during the sale had a limited quantity, and the prices were actually lower than they normally are.

I also found that AliExpress sales are useful when browsing for new items. So don't avoid them completely.

The bottom line is:

Treat all sales with caution and a healthy bit of skepticism.

It only takes a few moments to verify if the sale is legitimate and if it is worth it. 

So hang tight, the 11.11 may really be worth it after all!

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  1. Gilles March 13, 2017 at 2:18 pm

    Awesome and so true


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