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How to get the Best 11.11 Sale Deals on AliExpress

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It is this time again. The 11-11, also known as Singles Day sale is almost here. If you are new, let me bring you up to speed: this is the biggest shopping day even on AliExpress, as well as on the other Chinese E-Commerce sites like GearBestDHGate and BangGood.


As I have outlined in the TRUTH ABOUT 11-11 SALE post (on the first page of Google for the “11.11 Sale”), and in other posts in the tips section there are generally 3 types of deals during this sale:

  1. Artificially inflated sale deals

    This involves increasing the price 1 week before the sale, and dropping the price on the sale day, so ultimately you pay the regular price.

  2. Real sale deals

    Where the seller drops the price significantly on one flagship item, and try to upsell you on other items in the store by offering coupons that will only work with amounts if you buy 2+ items.

  3. Limited quantity deals

    Where reputable brands like Xiaomi, KZ, Bluedio, Huawei and etc. offer a limited amount of products at the sale price.

The money is in the last 2, especially the limited quantity ones.


  1. Don’t buy things you don’t need just because they went on sale. You will likely end up sad and feeling dirty and with something you have no use for.
  2. If you’re buying small electronics, check prices on other websites (GearBestDHGate and BangGood), to make sure the price isn’t artificially blown up to make the sale price look better.
  3. Start planning in advance. Add things to the cart to pay for everything at once. There will be a bigger chance to get a coupon that will give you a bigger discount….…which brings us to the next point:
  4. Check if the seller has couponsSometimes you will be able to save even more after the existing discount.
  5. Before completing the payment, check out blog’s latest post with the Best 11.11 2019 Sale Deals (and: Part 2) to see if there is any other deals that you might want to take advantage of. The post will be released on the midnight of the day of the sale, and will be emailed to all the blog subscribers.

Want to save more this 11.11? Get coupons!

Special 11.11 coupons are provided by AliExpress as an extra incentive. Even if the sale price is the same as the regular price, you can still save a few dollars by using coupons that you can get prior to the sale.

Best 2019 11.11 Sale Deals



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  1. Shira

    What time does this start in the US?

    1. Admin

      This year it starts at 3 AM PST and will go on for 24 hours

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