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Minimalist accessories for the clear mind

Xiaomi makes a lot of minimalist accessories under their sister brand Mijia, which we have picked here, and we also added some more minimalist-inspired gadgets for a good measure.


Price: $29.99

Chill out! This bladeless fan will cool you off on a hot summer day with a breeze of fresh air. What more can you expect? Well, in this case you also get a humidifier that is neatly tucked in the back of the device.

You can use it with water, or drop a few drops of essential oils to amplify the smell.

10,000mAh POWER BANK

Price: $16.19

What's better than a big capacity power bank? A small power bank that you can easily carry around, of course! It weighs less than a soda can, at 210 grams or approximately 7.5 ounces.


Price: $27.99 – 33.99

You better watch out! This minimalist watch from Xiaomi means business. Their products are known for high quality and relatively low price.

This watch comes with options of faux leather or metallic bands. No unnecessary logos or even numbers on the face – but let's be rational, we are all capable adults and we can see tell the time without them.


Price: $19.98

A clean and simple stainless steel thermos bottle to keep your drinks warm. It comes with a strainer to filter out the particles that you don't want to ingest, which makes it suitable for infusion. Comes in three matte color options: white, grey or pink.


Price: $11.74

Your bag already has a lot of stuff in it, so why clutter it with more big stuff? This little umbrella is quite portable, but the diameter is 88 cm nonetheless – just enough to sufficiently cover a mindful individual.


Price: $68.60

I like when my belongings get wet in the rain, said nobody ever. This professional-looking backpack has multiple compartments to help you organize your stuff better (it fits laptops up to 15.6″ in size!), and being a Xiaomi Mijia universe products it comes with a distinguishable simplistic design.


Price: $49.49

These lightweight over-ear Bluetooth headphones from Xiaomi are geared with lossless apt-X, 4.1 protocol and a silicone headband for the maximum comfort. Their 400 mAh battery allow for up to 10 hours of playtime with 2.5 hours to a full charge.


Price: $16.66

And to keep your earphones neatly organized you will need this stainless steel headphone stand.


Price: $119.00 – 169.90

A simple lamp will tie the room together. There are two options for the color of the light – we don't get the adjustable color here unfortunately, and there is an upgrade available if you want it to be dimmable.


Price: $36.21 – 43.31

For smaller spaces, or if you just need a stylish and unique table lamp that stands out – this one comes in two sizes: 25 and 30 cm in diameter.


Price: $13.28 – 31.04

Simplistic ceramic vases. The opening is too small for growing things in them, so they are better fitted for cut/faux flowers.


Price: $5.62 – 11.86

Isn't it funny how our brain is capable of associating the minimalist details such as on these little figurines with birds.


Price: $17.70 – 88.40

Pots don't usually belong on the wall, but you didn't come here because you like people telling you what to do.


Price: $33.92

It is easy to be skeptical of the quality of chef knives from AliExpress, but these are reported to be heavy and sharp right out of the box by multiple people.


Price: $8.89

A measuring tape does not have to be a boring ugly roll that you would usually see being used by a typical contractor. These are more in line with what a higher-end tailor with slick grey hair would measure you with in his downtown Manhattan store that smells like rich mahogany and expensive whiskey.


Price: $3.76

A paper knife isn't the first thing that you would think of when it comes to minimalist accessories, but in case you need one for whatever clerical needs may arise.


Price: $15.24 – 23.40

This PU leather notebook has two options depending on how much stuff you will need to pack into its cover.


Price: $22.58

Another option for a backpack – this one with an over-shoulder strap. It is not completely waterproof, just water-resistant. There is a USB port on the outside. Albeit small, it is quite roomy for smaller gadgets to make more room in your pockets.


Price: $10.99

This room gauge uses E-ink (similar technology as Kindle), which makes it remarkably energy-efficient – the battery can last for about a year! It tells you the data you may want to know about the room you are in: humidity and temperate, and the little face in the corner will objectively indicate how it feels about the conditions.


Price: $32.90

A small portable razor for traveling and everyday use.


Price: $13.02 + optional stand for 6.94

In case you prefer an extra-clean shave. Razor blades are included.


Price: $14.69

In case things get hairy in hard-to-reach places.


Price: $3.54

Another simple watch option. This one in a budget category, so don't expect too much from it other than a fashion accessory, although the reviews are positive.

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Things that make you seem rich

A few weeks ago I found a thread on Reddit and got a lot of ideas from it, and thought, what better place to look for things that make you look rich for cheap, than on the website with the cheapest things out there? You know that feeling when someone walks past you and you just know that they have the money. The way they carry themselves, but most importantly, the way they dress. Or maybe when you walk into someone’s house, have a short look around, maybe even use their washroom and wipe your butt with their 3-ply toilet paper and wash your hands with fancy scented and oddly-shaped soap.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a simple guy, as regular as they come. To a certain degree, my self-worth depends on the impression I make on others. But it's not about bringing others down, it's about lifting yourself up and feeling better about yourself. Wealth doesn’t scream, it whispers. It is all about the subtle things that paint the full picture.


The first thing is a fitted suit. Not an oversized “one size fits all” type of suit, but a nicely fitted one. The old school wealth doesn’t wear anything that stands out. However, their clothes always have a perfect fit. Generally fitted suits can be quite expensive, but luckily there are sellers on AliExpress that will get your sizing dimensions from you and will hem the suit according to your body type. Nothing makes a guy look better than a good haircut and a nicely fitting 2 or 3 piece suit.


One other thing that your fitted suit might need for an extra touch of luxury is a fancy pocket square.


Watches. Here the obscurity rule does not apply. They can be as obnoxious as needed, or as low-key as desired. I have added 4 different options with very good feedback and many pictures in reviews that show how they really look, and I was seriously impressed with how cheap they can be.


As I said, wealth whispers. The less obnoxious your things are, the better. There was someone in the Reddit thread talking about their colleague who has some golden earrings with zirconia drops, that she though the coworker either stole them from a grandma or her boyfriend must have gave them to her but they were actually really cheap from a drugstore. There is a ton of different options for minimalist accessories on AliExpress. A couple examples in the description of the video.


Another item that will make your household seem rich is cake forks. Obviously you can never admit to polishing them yourself (unless you want to put on that you're just a little hard on luck at the moment and get some sympathy.) You can easily drop this into conversation without having to invite someone over – “say, John, who's your cake fork guy, is he good?” but be prepared for them to respond “no Jim, I use a bad cake fork guy”. And once you are done discussing your cake forks teams and it’s time to serve main courses, you can impress your guests even more by using other fancy cutlery, like this rose gold cutlery set. There is also an option for matte cutlery, which also looks good.


A decanter, or a fancy pitcher. Here is a simple lifehack, buy a $7 bottle of red. Put it in a decanter before friends arrive and toss the bottle. When friends arrive apologies that the wine has only been breathing for a “short amount of time” and if anyone doesn’t like the wine it’s obviously because it hasn’t had time to breathe. Pair it with a wine aerator for the maximum effect.


You will need the correct shirt of course. There is no shortage of the different designs on Ali, so pick the ones you really like.


An old-school razor for shaving. The blades are super cheap and, as some people say, the process is just incredibly enjoyable. You just feel like a don when you are shaving, and it feels less like a chore and more like a ritual.


That grey t-shirt billionaires always be wearing. 


A good-quality low-key long sleeve.


Yes, trash bags instead of grocery bags for your garbage bins. They are super cheap and they look way classier. You can pick up a 50-pack for less than $2.


After watching Tywin Lannister do this many times, I really thought about getting my own wax seal but then I remembered that I only mail a letter out like once a year. But the reason I don't send more letters is simply because I don't have the wax seal. You can get the whole kit for less than $10. Kudos to the photographer who made the product photo look like a heroin kit.


They just make the whole writing experience a lot more enjoyable. The handwritten notes + wax seal stamps would make your letters a lot classier. There is a lot of differently looking pens in the related items too. You will need to purchase ink separately.


If you are unfortunate enough to smoke, a cigarette case instead of a paper pack feels a lot classier. Plus, you can ration your smokes for a day, and avoid giving them out to people as it would make it really easy to show that you only have a couple left.


Either unusual plates, or with pretty patterns on them, just like your grandma keeps in her cabinet for the special guests. Of course, you can hit thrift stores in your area to find them even cheaper.


One of the items from the premium category from our shop section. I think that this one looks really nice for the price.


Also from our shop section. Serving your guests the $5 store-bought cheesecake in this instantly makes it taste better, especially when consumed with the fancy cake forks.


Rose or any other fancy soap that you place in the bathroom prior to the guests’ arrival. This rose soap has a few bars in the set, which will last you for a while, and it also makes a great looking gift for a distant family member.


It feels a lot better than a cheap plastic comb, and it costs a very low amount of money. The teeth are a lot harder to break, too, so it would last longer, unless someone steals it from you (which is what happened to me when I lived in a school dorm).


A bag that doubles as a backpack. It looks obscure enough to have been bought from an expensive designer store, yet practical enough to actually be used.


FSuperlux HD681’s are recommended by the reputable audiophile circle-jerk forums as cheap and very high in quality headphones model. They even have “lux” in the brand name. Can’t argue with that.


What can be cooler than having a goddamn robot clean your house? A robot vacuum cleaner is an absolute sign of status. Objectively speaking, when similar gadgets cost around $500 in stores, I still consider the $190 price tag relatively cheap. It requires no maintenance, other than emptying the trash container every once in a while – it follows the schedule and returns to the charging dock on its own.

There also is a budget version for under $15 that gets rid of surface dust.

In addition to these, there is a lot more premium items in out shop category. Three latest ones are listed below, and you can see more by clicking the button below.

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Man Cave Decor Ideas

The first thing a man is destined to do once he is done with receiving education, is to build a man cave. It is a natural step of our mental development.

If you don't have kids yet – great, you can justify spending as much money as you can (because it makes you happy, dammit!); or if you do have kids, a quiet getaway spot is sometimes a necessity to stay sane. But we know that you love your kid, so when the time is right, you can both hang out in your man cave together.

Now wipe that manly tear of your face, sit tight and prepare your wallet: we're going to look at some really cool stuff.

Man Cave Decor

Things that every man cave needs

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#Whoever 2016

I know I could be opening a can of worms here, and this may turn into a political discussion, but hey – it's better to be a well-rounded person and have an opinion, than being indifferent and not having one at all.

Yesterday I became curious whether AliExpress has have anything related to the 2016 nominations/elections, and I was surprised with what I found.

#Whoever 2016 Presidential nominees t-shirts and stuff

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