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Xiaomi is often dubbed as Apple of China. While I do not necessarily agree with this statement (Xiaomi products are much more reasonably priced), there is some merit to it.

Whether you are looking for new smartphone, a new portable speaker for the beach trips, or a new fabric shaver for home – Xiaomi has it all. They have shipped 126 million smartphones in 2020 alone, and smartphones are not their sole bread and butter.

Xiaomi is, as they call it, an ecosystem. Any startup can join their incubator – which is the reason that is Xiaomi is the most versatile brand that I have seen yet. The project gets vetted, if accepted – it gets funding (through the VC program or crowdfunding), and Xiaomi gets to put a label on a new product to start selling to consumers.

In this post I picked 39 best products from Xiaomi that have sold the most this year.

best xiaomi products of 2020



xiaomi smart scale

Price: $22.27

Key features:

  • Can detect weight as low as 50gr.
  • Low energy (Bluetooth 5.0) – up to 12 months on a single charge
  • Highly accurate BIA chip for body fat %

More accurate measurement is the top priority of this scale.

This smart scale can be used to know all the important data, more specifically: body weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, water rate, protein rate, visceral fat grade, basal metabolism, bone mass, bodies old, ideal body weight, body size, and health score.

It tracks all this data when connected to a Xiaomi app, and keeps track of it for the easy access whenever needed.

With the low energy consuming Bluetooth 5.0 4 batteries can be used for up to 12 months. The scale can support data records for as many as 16 people. There also is a guest mode.


xiaomi night light 2

Price: $13.88

Key features:

  • 3 Modes: auto (using a motion sensor), on, off
  • Battery capacity: 500mAh (up tp 20 hrs.)
  • Weight – 100 gr. (0.2 lb)

Xiaomi's Sunny night light is an ultimate night light.

It comes on/with a wall attachment, where it will stay most of the time. The best part, however, with this night light is the fact that it is removable, and that it can act as an independent light.

For example, you wake up in the middle of the night, and need to go to a different room to check on your pet hamster. The light will get activated with a motion sensor and illuminate the first few steps. Then you can pick it up from the wall attachment, and carry it with you to wherever is needed.

The attachment is magnetic, so there are no clips involved – it is very easy to remove and put back into place.

When the battery starts running out, it can be charged with a supplied Micro-USB cable.

If you live in a larger household – grab a few of these to place strategically in different rooms and hallways.


Price: $187+

Key features:

  • Snapdragon 720G Octa-core CPU
  • 6.67″ DotDisplay 2400 x 1080 FHD+ display
  • RAM: 4/6GB (you get to choose)
  • Rear camera: QUAD – 48MP+8MP+5MP+2MP AI camera; Front camera: 16MP
  • Battery 5020mAh – supports 18W wired fast charging (USB-C)

It's hard to talk about Xiaomi's best products, and to not mention the smartphones.

Xiaomi Redmi 9S has proven once again us that a good smartphone does not need to be expensive. We already kind of knew that, but the boundaries are being pushed more with each new model that's being released.

2020 Has brought upon us the Redmi (sub-brand of Xiaomi) 9S, which is well-equipped with a Snapdragon 720G CPU, a 5,020 mAh battery and a 6.67″ display with a stunning 2400 * 1080 FHD+ resolution. And a fingerprint reader located on the side is a nice bonus. Unfortunately, no NFC – but if you need it, go with the 9S PRO version.

All I can say is “wow”, and “thank you”.


youpin air cushion

Price: $31.88

Key features:

  • Material – Lycra (spandex)
  • Size: 460mm x 410mm (18″ x 16″)
  • Comes with air pump (+ optional water compressor)

Xiaomi air cushion will turn any hard chair into a comfortable lounger.

It is a travel-friendly pad that consists of 42 individual air pockets that will evenly distribute the air among them for the maximum comfort.

There are options to choose between the option that comes with the 2 straps (to be used as backrest), and with the water compressor (to be used as a seat cover). An air pump comes with both options.

The seat option with the water compressor is best used during the warmer days to keep the seat more cool.


ninebot drift w1

Price: $150.52

Key features:

  • Silicone Bumpers
  • RGB LED Lights
  • 45 Mins Battery Range
  • 10% Hill Grade
  • IPX6 Splash-proof
  • Portable

When Segway introduced their first scooter, it was big, clunky, and it looked objectively terrible. But since it has been acquired by Ninebot (who have been acquired by Xiaomi), their designs have significantly improved, and so did the variety of the products.

Xiaomi has long been a leader in e-scooters, and now they started releasing even smaller and more space-efficient gadgets to help you get around in a more time-conscious manner.

Segway Drift W1 is lightweight, sturdy, and takes no more space than a pair of high-tops.

ninebot w1


(Can be bought separately)

youpin lofree 2

Price: $40.24 (mouse), $76.94 (keyboard)

YouPin Lofree is a stylish mouse + keyboard combo.

The mouse is available in 6 different color options (signature yellow is our favorite). The keyboard has 5 varieties.

Both products are compatible with all OS: Windows or Apple.

Both products can be used as either a wired device, or connected to your computer/laptop via Bluetooth.

youpin lofree


youpin nasal trimmer

Price: $9.59

Key features:

  • Waterproof seal
  • 10,000 RPM speed
  • Ergonomic design

Nasal trimmers are not the most exciting product, unless they are made by Xiaomi.

This trimmer has been released under YouPin ecosystem brand name, and it still has the signature high quality that we expect from Xiaomi.

Imported steel from Toyota has been used during the manufacturing process. The waterproof seal on the back (the battery port) prevents moisture from entering, thus enabling the product to be used in various conditions.

The trimmer requires 1 x AA battery to run (due to the shipping restrictions, it is not included).


new xiaomi products

Price: $29.49

Key features:

  • S2 steel
  • 24 Bits (6 long, 18 short)
  • Electricity-powered
  • Designed for portability

This screwdriver set is a must have for small electronics repairs, and is a generally useful thing to have around the house.

It comes with 24 different heads: 18 short and 6 long that will work with almost anything: be that smartphones, glasses, cameras and so on.

The charger port is USB type-C, which is great: we are finally seeing the micro-USB being phased out on smaller electronics as well!

Casing is made out of aluminum alloy, which is resistant to rust, and the case has anti-slip coating.

best xiaomi products


water bottle

Price: $28.80

If you didn't think that a water bottle can get more ergonomic – Xiaomi is here to shatter your expectations (in a good way, of course).

The beauty of this bottle is that it will fit snuggly in any bag and will take less space, all while having a visually pleasing design.

This bottle's capacity is 375 ml (just shy of 13 oz). The plastic is BPA-free. It comes in 4 different color options: white, black, pink and burgundy.


Price: $60.71

This apartment-friendly rice cooker from Xiaomi is everything that we want the rice cooker to be: power-efficient, space-conscious and easy to use.

Being a part of the Xiaomi's smart ecosystem, you can control it remotely via the app: set the time to start and pick the recipes (which will affect how long is stays on for). You can also heat the food ahead of time – think of it as a remote-controlled microwave.

As a bonus: it even comes with a rice spoon 😉


Price: $29.99

Not something you would normally expect from Xiaomi – yet here it is! A block of pressed genuine pu-er tea.

Key benefits of pu'erh tea:

  • Increases energy
  • Cleanses toxins from your body
  • Prevents the growth of new cancer cells

And – not the least important – it tastes good too!


new xiaomi products

Price: $9.55

Main Features:

  • Soft and comfortable polyester
  • Water-resistant material
  • Stylish look and a large variety of prints

If we have learned anything so far, it is that Xiaomi has a very diverse product line. And these high-quality backpacks are another example.

Despite the size they have a reasonably big capacity (10L), yet are very light – only 165 grams (0.3 lb)!

In this listing there are 13 different prints, and there are many more available in alternative listings.

inventions by xiaomi

2000-lumen FLASHLIGHT

deerma flashlight

Price: $27.99

Main Features:

  • IPX7 waterproof
  • USB Type-C Charging
  • 265 gr. / 0.6 lbs. weight

Upgrade your go bag! This flashlight from Xiaomi does not have Bluetooth, but what it does have is a strong LED that can emit light as bright as 2000 lumen.

It comes with a USB Type-C plug (welcome to 2020!), and the running time on a single charge is between 3 to 15 hours – depending on how bright you set it to be.

To put a cherry on top of the cake, it is IPX7 waterproof and is rated to sustain drops from 1 meter (~3 ft.).



rolling pin

Price: $18.30

This rolling pin will keep you rolling, rolling, rolling (yeah!) with its natural pine smoothness – it's meant to make a boring/monotonous process more pleasurable.

Natural wood rolling pins are preferred by cooks as they are less sticky, more durable and generally moisture-resistant. But most importantly, they are more pleasant to use than alternatives.

Though you should coat them in oil after each use to prevent cracking.

rolling pin 2


xiaomi mosquito lamp

Price: $24.54

Unless you are a Hirundo Rustica AKA Barn Swallow (chances of which are pretty high, as they are the most widespread species of swallow in the world), you probably don't like mosquitoes. Or maybe you like them so much, you just want to have them all to yourself – in either case, this mosquito zapper is a perfect toy for you.

Don't let its' silence-ness fool you: inside there is a violet lamp that attracts the mosquitoes close, and the vortex airflow suction swoops them into the tray, from where there is no escape.

There is a button belt on it for the outdoor use.

I would buy them and put them in every corner of my apartment, if I had a mosquito problem.

xiaomi mosquito zapper


usb hub

Price: $8.19

A USB hub for a vintage car enthusiast. There is a WWII-era place design available as well.

Unfortunately, it only comes with a USB 2.0 input.


fridge deodorizer

Price: $9.40

A soda box on steroids, this fridge purifier extends the life of the fruits and veggies in your fridge, and removes the odor associated with, well, an old fridge. It also adds a pleasant minty aroma to it.

The recommended fridge purification area is 80-100L – roughly 3.5 cubic feet, so if you have a large fridge, it's best to get 2 of them.

fridge deodorizer 2


xiaomi deerma lint remover

Price: $11.91

Key Features:

  • 0.35mm micro-arc knife net
  • 1,300 mAh battery (90 min. running time on 1 charge)
  • 5-blade floating cutter head

A good lint remover will remove the annoying curling pieces of lint from clothing, making it look new and fresh.

The one made by Xiaomi has high-quality blades and a large lint tray. The 1,300 battery allows for 90 minutes of running time, which should be more than enough to refresh your entire wardrobe!

must have products aliexpress


curtain controller

Price: $104.13

Xiaomi Aquara is a motor-operated curtain controller, which is a part of the Xiaomi smart home ecosystem.

The beauty of it, is that it can be controlled via your smartphone. You can set the closing and opening time, or adjust them as you please.

curtain closer


coolest xiaomi products 2020

Price: $55.99

Youpin Giiker is a Rubik's cube on steroids. It's gimmicky, but very cool!

It can be used as a regular Rubik's cube – sure, but it is also a great training toy. When synced with an app, it can show you the fastest way to sync the blocks. It also trains you on how to solve the puzzles, making you the absolute champion.

The cube has a nice-feeling mechanic-y click in each move.

The headphones that it comes with act as a charging port.

xiaomi best products

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Xiaomi Yi Official Store

Feedback rating: 96.5%

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Xiaomi Mijia Store

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Affordable Items (under $55) That Are Life-changing, Must haves!

What are some affordable items (for $55 or less) that are so life-changing that you consider them to be must-haves? In this post we have collected the results from the recent Reddit post, where the users have shared the most useful items that they bought for a reasonable price of fifty five dollars (or less than that), which had a life-changing aspect on their lives.

Don't just take our word for it: thousands of people have already verified the validity of claims – and we are just compiling the list to make it easier for you to find them at (arguably) the best price on AliExpress.

$55 Is not a little amount by any means, but if the impact is high enough, the money is considered well-spent. The impact can be measured in the quality of sleep, the reduction of time spent performing everyday tasks, and reducing the money spent on buying things that you already have vs. bringing the glory back to the products that you already have.

AliExpress ‘Must Haves‘ That Cost $55 Or Less


must have aliexpress products

Price: $53.70

life changing items aliexpress

A heated blanket is not just for comfort, though it is pure bliss when the room is on the colder side (bonus: you can save on heating costs and you don't need to fight your dad over the thermometer settings).

People with achy joints will love it: be that a sports trauma or just an occupational one (having to stand on your legs for the most of the day, etc.).

smaller size is available for the local application.


must have products aliexpress

Price: $11.62

aliexpress must have products

Refreshes sweaters/coats etc. in no time and saves replacing the garments that are in otherwise good condition.


best of aliexpress

Price: $14.49 (option B: including batteries)

best aliexpress deals

I want to strongly second this for anyone who hikes even occasionally (or does frequent overnight camping, like me!). You should always have a headlamp with you.

They take up next to no space/weight, and will literally save your life in an emergency situation, even if that “emergency situation” is just walking back to your car after dusk.

And if the power goes out, it is so much better than having to use candles / cell phone flashlight: reducing the fire hazard and freeing up your hands.

A list of AliExpress must haves wouldn't be complete without a reasonably-priced electronic item.


Price: $28.90

Regular-sized vacuum cleaners are great, but you don't always want to carry the whole thing to a different room, extend the cable, plug it in, and then do the same thing in reverse. For the smaller cleaning jobs, it makes more sense to have a smaller portable one. With a portable vacuum cleaner, it takes half the time to do a spot cleaning sweep.

If you have pets it’s also worth paying the little extra for the handheld vacuum. The model we linked below has 4 different types of nozzles, and it is small enough to keep in the car or in a cabinet.


Price: $4.44

Being over 30 means probably having (or wanting) to take a lot of vitamins, supplements, and/or other pills.

And to take those pills on time there is this handy pill timer. It can be set to beep at a certain time as a reminder. Never forget to take your pills again!


Price: $44.97

A good, sharp chef's knife will make cooking much easier. Remember to budget for a sharpener too, to keep it sharp. All knives need care.

If you are going to spend on nice knives, when it comes to knife sharpening it is really important learning how to do it. It makes a world of difference to have truly proper geometry.


Price: $11.53

A gram scale can be used for a lot of minor measurements. Measuring spoons re okay, but they are not nearly as precise as a good gram scale: spoons are just an approximation, after all!

It can easily measure water since 1 g. = 1 ml. The power of the metric system: no more measuring by volume in the kitchen is life-changing!



Price: $5.96+ (size plays a big role in price)

We all know that a good night sleep at a comfy hotel is life-changing. The bed sheets are soft and fresh, but also the total absence of the light plays a BIG role too.

With the blackout curtains you will fall asleep so much faster now that the room is pitch black at night! Also, if you happen to work night shifts, they can drastically help.

This product is not just a must-have from AliExpress, it's a must-have in general. If you can find one locally for a cheaper price – even better!


Price: $5.94 (head) + 4.75 (hose)

A detachable showerhead does a much better job than a static one, especially the ones where you can switch the strength of the stream (like this one!).

You get the water on yourself from all angles, leaving no place untouched.

It's extremely easy to get installed: 1. unscrew the regular showerhead, 2. screw in the hose, 3. put the showerhead on the other end of the hose.


Price: $3.91

You haven't experienced complete cleanliness, unless you have tried a bidet. They're quite common in the Middle East and in other countries with warmer climate, and for a good reason: heat amplifies the smell.

But outside of the obvious aspect, it is basic hygiene: paper just doesn't compare to what the water can do.

A bidet attachment is great. A portable bottle can do a good job too.


Price: $1.23

I'm surprised that they seem to have gone out of style. So simple and cheap. A good shoe horn instantly turns 5 seconds of the most annoying wriggling and forcing into a 1 second maneuver.

The major benefit is saving the back of the shoe from looking like an accordion.


long charging cable

Price: $4.12 (3-meters / 10 ft.)

Long charging cable (braided, not plastic). You will no longer be restricted to laying on one side of your bed when the phone is being charged.

A high-quality 3-meter (10 ft.) cable is less than $5.


bamboo fiber underwear

Price: $8.66 (4 pairs)

good quality aliexpress products

Bamboo fiber is the nicest material for underwear and t-shirts that I have ever experienced.

It's soft, breathable, and relatively inexpensive – bamboo grows very fast, and is considered an eco-friendly sustainable material. So you're not only giving your ‘privates' a better wrap, you're also saving the planet!


things to buy on aliexpress

Price: $1.13

It’s a rubber plug type with holes in it to you put in the tub drain. It catches ~95% of hair and gunk, while still allowing the water to flow down. After your shower, just remove from the drain and pull off the hair (this part can maybe be a little gross, but hey, it’s your hair) and toss in the garbage.

Result? Cleaner water pipes, better outwards flow, less plumbing maintenance.


Price: $24.56

Why waste all of that shower goodness just to rub yourself with sandpaper after you get out? A thick, cozy bath towel can be a godsend after a good steamy bath. A definite must have item!

We found a 3-piece embroidered set: get one for you, and one for your significant other (a Mr. and a Mrs. embroidery is a nice touch to avoid confusing them between each other).


Price: $2.50

A shampoo brush is something most people have never heard before, and we think that should change.

So what exactly is it? A shampoo brush is a silicone pad with soft bristles that is used to gradually apply shampoo to your scalp, distributing it evenly across the surface while massaging your hair.

Not only will your hair feel cleaner than ever, but your scalp will thank you as well.


Price: $6.58+

A reusable water bottle reduces the amount of plastic used (if you previously used single-use plastic bottles). The advantage here is obvious.

But if you get a larger size – 2 or 3 liters, depending on your preferred daily water intake, it's going to be oh so much easier to track the amount of water you consume throughout the day, simultaneously saving you the extra trips to periodically fill it up.


xiaomi electric toothbrush

Price: $9.75

electric toothbrush review

Advantages of using an electric toothbrush:

1. Less effort to brush your teeth

2. More effective at cleaning (vibration forces the smaller particles out)

This toothbrush has a 2-minute shut-off, and 30-second vibrating reminders (30 seconds per front/back and top and bottom jaw = 2 mins.), which helps you get the most efficiency out of the process. It is the 21-st century, after all.


Price: $1.58

meat thermometer review

A meat thermometer takes out the guessing of the process of cooking meat.

You will know exactly when your meat is cooked to the desired consistency. Especially useful when cooking steak.


Price: $1.37

The feeling I felt the first time I ever used a tongue scraper after buying it can be compared to the epiphany Archimedes must have felt when dipping into the bath.

The amount of stuff that came off was satisfying, but concerning at the same time – I couldn't believe that I have lived my entire life without thoroughly cleaning it.

This tongue cleaner has a soft-ish rubber ridge, which is sufficient to remove the residuals without causing the unpleasant feeling of a harsher surface.


Price: $1+

If you are buying things from AliExpress or Amazon often enough, a simple box cutter is a worthy investment. It saves your knives, and makes opening boxes (and folding them for recycling) much, much faster and easier.

An ergonomic version can be placed on a keychain for faster access (or if you wish to lose more things at once 😂).


Price: $7.70 (3-piece set)

Silicone vs: plastic is not a fair comparison. While most plastics start to melt at high temperatures, silicone does not have a melting point and remains solid until combustion occurs.

It is also not going to scrape the non-stick layer of the pan, which means it will continue being a non-stick pan (thus saving you the expense of buying a new pan: the only downside is that the kitchenware company is not going to make money).

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Essentials and Necessities

I have bought a lot of things from AliExpress. I don't think there has been a day in the last 5 years, where I haven't used something that I bought there.

First of all, this is where I got my smartphone – and we all know how often we get to use those. But there are a lot of other miscellaneous items that I use, that some people might be surprised that you can get from Ali for much cheaper than in retail stores.

Our sole purpose is to help you find the best deals, with the quality of the product being the priority. We will be discussing some of the most popular products on AliExpress that include basic clothing, gadgets, household items, and a few more.

In this post we have picked products that are helping people like you solve everyday tasks, with their endless (or a single) quirks and features.

In either case, I think you will find this post helpful.


Price: $59+

$43B Worth of smartphones have been imported from China into the US alone. Smartphones like Xiaomi, Huawei, Umidigi and Oppo are constantly outperforming similar-priced competition.

It is cheap and easy to upgrade the existing device. We have picked 4 great options under $300. Otherwise, check out more models at different price points by clicking the link below.


Price: $219+

Individual modes of transportation are now as important as ever because of time management and safety reasons, and the green forms of it are the less damaging to the environment.

A uniquely designed electric scooter will take you anywhere anytime. If you want to beat the traffic and save your time, while not being confined within a small space inside a car, then this is the perfect product for you. This smart scooter can be tracked using your smartphone simply by downloading an app.

The app can maintain your riding habits, track the distance you covered, and charge your scooter's battery. It comes with six different protection systems: over-discharge, overcharge, low-voltage, over-current , temperature anomaly and short-circuit protection.


  • 18650 lithium-ion battery pack
  • Charging Time: ~5 hours
  • Maximum Speed: 25km/h (15 mph)
  • Foldable for maximum portability

Price Value:

  • Intelligent battery management
  • Double brake system
  • 6x Faster than average walking speed


Price: ~$0.75 / unit

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Original toothbrush heads are ridiculously expensive – as if the bristles were actual minx hair. 3 For $20: what is this, a downtown Manhattan speakeasy?

The aftermarket ones are just as good for me – I've been putting them on my Oral-B toothbrush for at least 5 years.


Price: ~$0.18 / piece

They won't clean off the shame from what you did last night, but they can handle just about anything else.

In my experience, these are just as good as Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser (commonly sold for ~$1.25 per eraser).

I use them for cleaning the bathtub, kitchen and bathroom sinks, aquarium glass, windows. They are pretty good at handling the incrustation on the pots and pans, especially when I accidentally leave my potatoes boiling for too long.


Price: $1+

We have 2 options: the iconic 30 Electronics under $10 collection as a collection, and an ever-updating list in the shop section (the orange button below). Both are a pretty good source of cool little gadgets to buy to make your life easier.


Price: $3.24

Get a handy cable organizer to store all your cables in one place.

It is great to have them neatly stacked away: makes finding the right one much easier, and they also won't tangle inside. Much better than just randomly having them all over the place.


Price: $0.96+

Chargers, USB cables, speakers, mouse, etc. – all of them create a mess on your desk. Working in a messy environment can affect your productivity and creates a tripping hazard – and prone dropped once can be an expensive mistake.

To make your life easier, there is a cable organizer from TopK. It has a solid black color and a sleek design. You can attach it to your desk and arrange your mouse, laptop charger, USB cables, everything on it. It has multiple holders on it to keep your desk more … organized 😄

Price value:

  • Keeps cables routed in a specific direction
  • Protects cables from getting tangled and damaged
  • Suitable for use on metal, ceramic, glass, wood or plastic surfaces


Price: $1.49+

To protect the smartphone against butterfingers (or maple syrup fingèr for Canadians), occasional scratches, and to increase the likelihood of keeping the the precious back panel intact for longer.

Cases on AliExpress are generally cheaper than on Amazon, or retail stores – especially when buying from an official dealer. May as well get a few.


Price: $2.54+

An ultimate necessity, unless you live in a naturist community. Here is the listing with the cotton t-shirts from the image.


Price: ~ $1.10 / pair

These cotton socks are breathable and comfortable. What can beat a comfortable pair of socks at an affordable price? A rhetorical question, of course.

Price value:

  • Appropriate for both all seasons
  • Dense elastic to keep the socks in place


Price: ~ $0.37 / pair

A pretty sweet deal on a large stack of socks. This listing has 8,000+ orders and a ton of feedback.


Price: ~$0.99 +

We have carefully selected and added unique and stylish items with good feedback in our shop section.


Price: $8+

Read: quality earphones. You can easily buy a pair of great-sounding earbuds without breaking the bank.

For wired options, I have researched and tested many different ones, and found that KZ/QKZ-branded ones excel in terms of the build and price and last longer. UiiSii HM7 is also another great option for an earphone, and Superlux HD-330 for an over-ear headphone.

For wireless options, click below.


Price: $3.18

Reusable silicone lids that come in various sizes. These can help you significantly reduce the amount of plastic – or completely stop buying saran wrap.


Price: $0.49+

Various home decor and household items: kitchen, living room, bathroom – with more style. We picked the essentials that not only are functional – they also look stylish.

Kitchen Gadgets for people with a good sense of humour

You like to laugh, I like to laugh, we all like to laugh. So why does being in the kitchen sometimes feel like a chore? Is it the knowledge that we need to actually make food, instead of just throwing in an Uber Eats order and waiting for food to be delivered?

Whatever the case, these products are sure to help put a smile on your face, put a laugh on your lips, and add some cheer into the kitchen.


cute steel sponge holder

Price: $4.63

You need a bath, but you also need to make food for yourself and your family. Well, you might as well let someone take a bath while you slave away in the kitchen, and that someone might as well be your pile of steel wool.

Steel wool has never looked comfier after a hard day of scouring metal surfaces, than on the head of a cartoon lady taking a bath.

Take a picture, you creep, it will last longer.


Price: $1.49

We’re putting the “muffin tops” back in muffin tops. That’s right, muffin tops-ception. So get some Blue Jean muffin cake molds to rightfully return your muffins their rightfully deserved tops.

These cake molds add an awesome element of fun to every muffin baking you take part in, no matter the flavour!


Price: $12.92

Everyone likes penguins.

If someone tells you they do not like penguins, run in the opposite direction, because they’re either willing to lie to your face, or you are talking to some sort of penguin-hating psychopath. You want neither of these people in your life.

These Penguin Egg Holders are awesome for those perfect hard-boiled eggs for your whole family.


Price: $0.95

Willing to sacrifice their small bodies to make sure your boiling water does not bubble over, these silicone lifts make overflowing pots a thing of the past.

Easy, durable, and hilarious.


Price: $3.55

Wait, you say to yourself, how do I get this tiny morsel of banana covered in that delicious melted chocolate, when the only thing nearby is that tiny piano?

Not a problem, I reply, delighted that my joke has worked. The keys in that tiny piano? They’re actually dessert forks.

We both laugh and eat delicious chocolate-covered desserts. Amazing.


Price: $2.62

Ants have long been the bane of picnic-goers everywhere.

Do you know what scares tiny ants? Much larger ants, who already have possession of your sandwiches. Tiny ants have tiny brains. They will not realize that those giant ants are made of plastic. You win.


Price: $3.58

If you ever wanted a tiny Charlie Chaplin to peel your veggies for you, now is the perfect opportunity. Didn’t want that? You got it anyway.


sponge drying rack

Price: $4.35

The sponges in your kitchen work hard. Give them some rest with their very own tiny beds.

Wait. Are they the mattress? Can they both be the mattress and the one sleeping on the bed?


Price: $2.12

Simply roll your deshelled hard-boiled egg along this cutter for a fun and cute cut. Then turn it around and slap a face on it. A tiny paper bag to cover the face, in case you don't like it, is not included.


Price: $1.37

Simplicity is the future of plant watering, as my grandma always used to say.

With these adorable little fellas, you simply drop them over the side of a cupful of water, and they water themselves. If only fixing all your other problems was as easy.


Price: $4.70

This little panda has an overly large tongue and a heart to match – all the things that you could expect from a perfect life companion. Simply fill his dish with water and watch him water the plant on his back.


Price: $2.77

These tiny towel holders bring a small piece of your grandparents' kitchen into your own. Nothing quite says “I cook because I like to eat” like a group of small bakers holding signs.


Price: $40.98

You know what they call a lazy cow? Beef.

This little cow wants to help – by holding your paper towels, toilet paper, or whatever you need her to hold. Hopefully, since these are kitchen accessories, that doesn’t end up being toilet paper.


cute shamoji rice paddle

Price: $2.09

These adorable rice paddles come in a variety of colors and are perfect for serving the rice of your dreams.


Price: $2.32

Everyone loves rubber chickens.

Everyone also loves the delicious taste of herbs in their soup, minus when they accidentally take a bite of a full leaf.

So what everyone is REALLY going to love, is a silicone chicken stuffed with herbs, which means no leaf biting for anyone!

(the seller says the material is food-safe)


Price: $2.63

Sumo wrestlers need a lot of calories, and therefore eat a lot of eggs. At some point, they are probably over 1% egg.

Well, these sumo wrestlers are 100% egg – try to beat that!


Price: $2.20

This Dessert Shovel puts a new meaning on the phrase “shoveling chocolate cake into your mouth.”


Kitchen Timer

Price: $11.56

What’s cuter than tiny, fancy versions of your regular kitchen appliances? The only answer is tiny, fancy versions of your regular kitchen appliances that also help you time your cooking.

Mysterious thing, time. Powerful, and when meddled with, dangerous.

Take your soup off the stove at the last chime. And if not, the consequences are too costly to discuss.


multi use kitchen magnet

Price: $1.91

Cute, fun magnets that are sure to make grabbing your keys and heading off to work before it is light out a little bit easier.


just one glass giant cup

Price: $24.15+

Now you can have just one glass AND get absolutely wasted at the same time! All of the fun, none of the emotional baggage.

Ok, maybe a little emotional baggage.

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