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The listing of the one I bought in 2014 is not active anymore, but I believe this camera can be bought here. I am not 100% sure it is the same camera, but it looks exactly like the one I have.

SJ4000-style Action Camera – REVIEW

[Newer version] Link: http://ali.ski/rqnsC

As I found out today when I checked the “more info” section of the image settings, the real model number for this camera is SunPlus SP5K.

SunPlus SP5K camera image specs
Specs of a picture taken with the SP5K

I've had this camera for about a year and a half now. We camped, rode motorcycles on and off-road, went surfing, visited Hong Kong together; and it has honorably served me through snow, rain, fog and hail.

SJ4000-style replica 1080 full HD action camera

SJ4000-style replica 1080 full HD action camera-3

SJ4000-style replica 1080 full HD action camera-2

Besides the waterproof case, the camera comes with a number of different mounts.

There are curved (for helmets) and straight (for flat surfaces) mounts; a dash cam mount that lets you charge the camera while you are using it; a few joints to film at different angles; velcro patches for what I think is either a chest mount or some sort of helmet mount; and some extra sticky pads for mounts.

Missing from the picture: straight and curved mounts, and 1 buckle snap that I broke by accident
Missing from the picture: straight and curved mounts, and 1 buckle snap that I broke by accident

An example of video footage (watch in 1080p if you can).

SJ4000-style replica 1080 full HD action camera-11

wall mount

SJ4000-style replica 1080 full HD action camera-10

SJ4000-style replica 1080 full HD action camera-8

Initially, I bought this camera because I wanted to start a motorcycle Vlog. Due to work and other projects that I have, I did not spend too much time on creating a proper channel, but I still make videos here and there for fun and reminiscence.

Surprisingly, the camera appeared more able to film at night than I expected. Here is an example of night footage I took.

Filming at night and in the rain.

Example of a side helmet mount that I have used for <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRXdgEGLtaw">this</a> video
Side mount that I have used for this video

Some people mount the camera on top of the helmet. I have used it like that for some time, and I was not a big fan of it because with the camera it added a lot of wind resistance at higher speeds; while the chin or side mounts do not have this problem.

Here is how the mounting on top of the helmet looks.

SJ4000-style replica 1080 full HD action camera-12

SJ4000-style replica 1080 full HD action camera-15

SJ4000-style replica 1080 full HD action camera-14

Battery life.

There are 2 modes that I used: 1080p (15 fps) and 720p (30 fps).

From my experience, with the standard 900 mAh battery and the energy saving mode (where the display turns off after 1 minute) the camera can film for about 1 hour in 1080p mode, and about 1.5 in 720. I also noticed that the battery life has deteriorated over time, and the battery does not hold the charge for too long anymore; so I have to have it charge every time before I use it to get the maximum battery life.

Last week I purchased extra capacity batteries, which are 1100 mAh. That, and the fact that the batteries are new, should give me extra 10-15 minutes or more (people in reviews say 1.5 hours, but we will see when I get them).

Besides taking videos, this camera can also take pictures. Here are a few examples. I am not sure if it is all of them, just mine; or if it is caused by the memory card; but all of the pictures I take with this camera have a weird broken line a couple pixels thick on top (last picture was lightly edited, so the line was cut off).

SJ4000-style replica picture example 1

SJ4000-style replica picture example 2

Hong Kong shek-o example

Overall, I am happy with this camera.


  • Price
  • Abundance of mounts and cases
  • Expandable memory


  • Battery life
  • Unlike some higher-end cameras, it can't be charged when it is inside the waterproof case
  • Lens sensitivity isn't great in bright environments

It definitely is not the best camera – http://goo.gl/qSvf5i will knock its socks off; but for this price I really can't complain.

Check out this camera here: http://ali.ski/rqnsC [Newer version]

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