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10 Geeky items of the week you saw online, but didn’t know where to buy – Vol. 3

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Without further ado: Volume 3, let’s go!

Geeky items that you saw online,

but didn’t know where to buyVol.3


Pet mane

3 colors, 3 sizes

Pet mane lion hair aliexpress-1

Price: $7.52 – 7.54

Help your cat release his (her?) inner lion.

Purchase link:


Duck shadow shower curtain

Duck shadow shower curtain aliexpress

Price: $12.52

I don’t believe this requires any further explanation.

Purchase link:


USB self-heating and self-stirring mug


Price: $6.75

A mug that stirs your drink, so you can focus on the consumption of cute cat videos.

Purchase link:


Ninja stars coat hangers

Ninja stars coat hangers Aliexpress-1

Price: $6.84

Purchase link:


GSM Alarm tracker

GSM Alarm tracker AliExpress

Price: $23.83

A device that notifies you via a text message or a call when the door is opened. Requires a SIM card to work (SIM or micro-SIM).

Purchase link:


Wax stamp seal kit

Wax stamp seal Aliexpress

Price: $10.39

When buying, make sure to tell the seller which letter you want.

Purchase link:


Thor’s Mjolnir

Mjolnir cosplay 1-1 Aliexpress

Price: $112.79

Purchase link:


Starry sky pens, 6 pieces

Starry sky pens Aliexpress

Price: $4.23

Purchase link:


Death Star ice maker tray

Death star ice maker silicone tray Aliexpress

Price: $2.74

Purchase link:


Clip-on 60x microscope with LED and UV lights

Clip-on microscope 60x with LED and UV lights Aliexpress

Price: $5.98

Purchase link:

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