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12 New Geeky gadgets you’ve been looking for – Vol. 17

Geeky gadgets have been an integral part of our product selection for a long time and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. This was the first post I've ever made, and whether you're new around here, or have been around since the beginning in 2014 (time flies, doesn't it?) – it's likely going to be among the most interesting and unique collections.

We're quite happy with the product selections here, and we think that you won't be disappointed!


Price: $33.74

Edifier ihas been around since 1996 it's already well-known around the globe, and they have offices worldwide. It has been started by a group of audiophiles in Beijing who wanted to produce high-quality sound equipment with a low price tag.

I own a pair of their desktop speakers, and I love them, and everyone who experienced their quality says the same. These earphones come with 8 hours of playback, have Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX.


Price: $15.96

Who wouldn't want to make their own shoe? Most people, actually. But this 951-piece set will bring out your inner child, and a true sneaker-head will not be able to resist.


Price: $10.94

You’ve always known you’ve had a little magic in you. Now, it’s time to prove to everyone you were right. Purchase this 11-piece wand set (or buy them individually to see which wand brings out the magic in you), and shows everyone you’re not crazy. Each wand is made out of metal and the design is marketed for beginners. Perfect considering you’re just a wee bit old to start at Hogwarts, so this will do.


Price: $7.66 + shipping

Smaller than you probably think it is – just the size of a regular name tag that you'd see on a waiter or a bank clerk. A unique thing, nonetheless. Programmable and customize-able, but only Latin letters are supported.


Price: $19.98

With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to start buying gifts. Like this Tyrannosaurus Rex model puzzle.

Your digitally modern and video game-addicted teen will love to assemble this with you. It’s totally for them, not for you. You could assemble the 50 plastic pieces…while they pretend to watch.

It will be a memory that you will cherish forever because your kid won’t be paying attention. Not surprising, because who likes to hang out with dinosaurs anyway?


Price: $7.79+

A pen that will virtually never run out on you (well, eventually, it will, but it will take a while). Not only because it has no legs, but also because it does not use ink.

Magic? Possibly (But mostly the alloy used in the tip)


Price: $7.92

A miniature dollhouse DIY project – a few different ones to pick from. Makes for a great little Christmas decoration!


Price: $0.38+

Erasers shaped like little smartphones – what's not to like?


Price: $1.79+

An upgraded version of cable holders with the rubber tips that are more prone to wear over time.


Price: $4.91

A poster from everyone's favourite poster store – they use craft paper. A ton more different options available in the listing!


Price: $3.98

A minimalist magnetic holder for your smartphone. Comes with the panel itself, and 6 strong neodymium magnets that hold whatever metallic that you attach to them.


Price: $1.58

Check out these Spongebob Squarepants themed socks! Let everyone know you’re a mature adult by rocking Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star with your matching sneakers.

These crew-length summer and spring cotton socks are perfect for hiding your feet during the warmer seasons. Because between me you and Mr. Krabbs, we all know the Krusty Krab isn’t thing only crusty thing around.

Regardless, these socks are colorful and light-hearted – perfect for anyone looking to impress the 8-year-old next door.

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10 Geeky Products from AliExpress for $10 or less

It's been a while since the last Geeky things collection, and since one of the old ones has been doing quite well on my YouTube channel lately, I decided to make a new one.

We will see 10 different products, this time with a price limit of $10 for the budget-conscious buyers.


Price: $8.02

The first item today is an infinity lamp with a mirror.

It has a few LEDs inside placed at an angle, so that when you look at it, it gives a neat tunnel effect. The LEDs can be turned off, and it can be used as a regular mirror.

There are different options, in the shape of a unicorn, a heart, a cactus and a few more.


Price: $8.90 – 29.88

Another cool item that we will see today is a pretty popular item lately.

It is something that you may have seen online, but possibly didn’t know where to buy – a tortilla blanket. Wrap yourself in it – sour cream and lime are optional.

This will be the easiest burrito that you have ever made.

They come in a variety of sizes, the smallest one being $8 with free shipping to most countries.


Price: $8.49 – 16.99 (depending on size)

If you have a lot of gadgets, you probably have a lot of space cables. And they are most likely sitting in a cabinet somewhere, forming a tangled mess.

To make them more organized, here is a handy cord case.

It can be used for travel, as it has an additional compartment for smaller devices like power banks, tablets and action cameras.


Price: $1.05 / piece

This product has been listed in the shop section for quite some time, but lately it has been ordered quite a bit as well.

It’s a magnet set with the only plumber that I will tolerate eating my mushrooms and kicking my turtle.

Each one of these can be purchased for a modest price for $1, so be sure to grab a few for a full set.


Price: $0.82 + shipping

The next product are these blocky keyrings.

There are three options: a rabbit, a T-Rex, and a kitty.

I am not sure what the strap is all about, but the bulb likely indicates that all these cute things want to do is get naughty and make a yummy inter-specie sandwich.


Price: $3.89 – 5.39

Some blocky bois.

There are 8 different ones to pick from. The blocks are compatible with the other block sets that you are thinking of, though these ones cost a fair bit less.

They are a bit smaller than you might think – which is pretty expected for the price.


Price: $3.71

On average, a person uses a plastic carrier bag for about 12 minutes, and we recycle only one of every 200 we use.

A reusable bag does not seem like a bad idea, and here is a portable and collapsible one that can be easily carried around and easily folded back in when you are done using it.


Price: $3.99

The next product is a cool trick thing that you can use to impress all of your friends, as long as all your friends are 6 years old or younger. It is a handkerchief that can go through your smartphone.

A good magician never reveals his secrets. But there are bad magicians on YouTube that can explain to you how it works.


Price: $9.73

Here is a smart brush for the pet owners.

Unfortunately, it is not smart enough to connect to your smartphone to track the total amount of strokes your pet is receiving.

But it does have the extendable cover to remove the fur from the bristles, which will make it much easier to clean.


Price: $9.75

Here we have a creative bottle holder for the fine things connoisseurs.

This thing creates an illusion of defying gravity, which coincidentally is what the liquid inside such bottles usually does.

There are four different options, three differently colored chains, and a rope that looks like a malnourished snake.

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25 Geeky things that you saw online but didn’t know where to buy – Vol. 15

This is a new part of the geeky things from AliExpress. Today we are going to see the some mind blowing, highly innovative and some very useless geeky gadgets, starting with colored smoke cakes for posh photo-ops, colored fire sachets that you can get at some gas stations in the outskirts of small towns, to the models of magic wands and pirate ships and stuff. 


The first item today is a colored smoke prop that people love to use in various music videos and during the wedding photoshoots. Our local stores sell them for $10 and more, and on AliExpress you can get them for half that, including the shipping cost. There is 8 different color options in the listing.


The next item is a colored fire sachet. You drop the whole packet in the fire, and in a matter of a few seconds once the packaging burns the color of the fire starts evolving. You can change the boring regular fire into something that looks like this, or even something like this because I don’t have the actual footage of the product in use, with very interesting shades of green, blue and purple. The smoke cake, which is what the seller calls it, burns for about 30 to 60 seconds, and it can be broken in several pieces.


So now we are moving to the more peculiar things. Here is a conductive ink pen. The idea here is that the ink helps electricity move. These pens can be used for repairing or adding traces to existing circuit boards on metal, glass, plastic, or epoxy. The ink remains in liquid form until placed on a porous surface at which point it dries and becomes able to conduct electricity. The ink holds up under folding, so you can draw a circuit, fold the paper up, and later unfold to find the circuit still works.


Here we have a fully functional strandbeest miniature. Just like when my girlfriend wants me to do something for her, you need to blow it, i mean on it for it to function. The full sized ones are quite majestic. For the extra excitement you need to assemble this one yourself, which takes time, but it doesn’t seem too complicated.


A medium-sized digital telescope to look at the big things from far away, like your mom rolling back from her favourite ice-cream shop. Can also be used for bird-watching, wink wink, you dirty perverts.


Puzzle versions of Renaissance paintings. Putting one together might be almost just as hard as painting a real one. I can't remember the last time I actually finished a puzzle, but I remember that there was always a few pieces missing. They should make a 1000 piece puzzle which when you finish it says “go outside”.


Is it a wasp? Is it a bee? What could it bee? This model that comes disassembled in 236 pieces, a 3D puzzle of sorts. The pieces are compatible with the famous constructor the name of which shall remain unspoken. There is a ton of other different ones in the related products.


The next thing is something that we have previously seen in the useless things video – this piggy bank, which upon the push of the button grabs your coin. I have one of these, and it is hilarious. I have the panda one, and there are options for cat lovers as well.


Telescopic claw aka buttscratcher. Can also be used to grab things that are within the close proximity – 55 cm, or about 2 feet is the length of the said device. Useless, but fun. Unless you are a human-sized T-Rex, in which case it would be super useful.


An emergency credit-card sized light that can be carried around in your wallet. There is a battery inside which powers a small energy-efficient LED that lights up when you lift the bulb. The light is reusable, which means it stops working when you fold it.


These fish slippers, or should I say … fish flops. I have bought a pair for the summer. They would go well with my Pepe flight mask to make sure wrong types of people don’t talk to me.



Spirograph is a geometric drawing toy that produces mathematical roulette curves of the variety technically known as hypotrochoids and epitrochoids. Using it as you can see here is very simple, and for the amount of money that it costs it is a very fair price for the amount of entertainment you get out of it.

DIY HEART MODEL (Not an actual heart)

A DIY assemblable and anatomically correct heart model. It can make a very lame gift for a school-aged kid in a futile attempt to get them into science. I think that the bee model from earlier is much cooler.


Game Over cup

Game Over mug for the most hardcore gamers so that you can feel like you are holding a controller even when you are away from your favourite console. It seems impractical from the storage point of view, but very practical from the aesthetical one.


Yo dawg. We heard you like retro videogames so we put a retro video game console in your videogame console. Here we have a functional tetris case for iPhones to have something to play with when your phone battery dies.


A candy holder thing, in case, you know, you get tired of eating your candy. I thought it would at least spin it for you, but it just holds it. The reason it has so many orders is puzzling to me, but I found it going through the orders that you make, and thought that if at least a few of you bought it, some others may find it interesting as well.


Ctrl-Alt-Del cups. Supposedly made out of thin plastic so it’s not really recommended to drink very hot drinks from them and taking a picture with hot tea in them seems like a bit of a shady move on the sellers part. But I like how they look anyway and they can totally be used for snacks and salads and other cold food.


Alien plush – chestburster version. Can be used as a part of a sweet Halloween costume, or a very unusual pregnancy announcement photo op. Interestingly enough, it’s far from the oddest plushie that I have seen on AliExpress.


Skull bottle. So these are the bottles that Skull vodka is sold in. I have gifted one to my dad a while ago, and for some reason I have another one in my house. I can’t remember buying it off Ali, and I can’t remember being irresponsible enough with my spending to buy a $50 bottle of vodka. If you are the same, or if you are not of a legal drinking age in your country, you can just buy the bottle on its own.


Galaxy necklaces like this constantly make their way into the top selling products. There are more basic versions, with just one planet per necklace, here we have X. You may have noticed that Pluto isn’t there, because, possibly due to the recent work of Jerry Smith.

WANDS STORE (NOT owned by Mr. Ollivander)

Magic wands store – there are a lot of different ones in that store that are quite accurate to what has been shown in the movies. There is one for nearly every more-less important character.


Black pearl, it looks just beautiful. The price is quite high though.


A butt cushion. As a geek, or as an office professional, you might be spending too much time on your posterior. Sedentary lifestyle is taking over our lives, and I hope you stand up and walk around at least once every hour. But if you sit a lot, you can minimize the damage to your spine, and do so in more comfort.

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11 Simply genius and unique things

AliExpress is a great source of unique and interesting gadgets. Some are short-lived, but many things designed and invented in China are here to stay, and to improve the quality of lives: be that through the unique design, or through simple yet thoughtful design.

In this post we have something special for you: a list of the most unusual and simply genius things that we have recently come across.



unique things aliexpress

This is the most interesting ice tray that we have seen so far.

Calling it revolutionary seems a bit too far-fetched, though you have to admit that the construction is very practical. You place a round silicone thing (not in the picture) in the middle and fill it with water in between.

It can also double as an ice bucket to keep the drinks cool.


If you use a soup ladle, why not have some fun with it. A perfectly balanced swan that graciously hovers around your stew while you are watching over it like a hungry hawk.

A truly poetic moment.


A lockbox that is disguised as a book. What's interesting about it is that the pages are actual paper.

Although we would rather see more obscure and less mainstream books – something that other people are less likely to look through should they feel bored around your apartment.


At first, all smartphone manufacturers (except for Apple, because it's Apple) decided to come together to remove the need to worry about using different cables and agreed to all start producing phones with the Micro-USB inputs. But then faster and more efficient USB-C came out – how dare they! Then Apple decided to introduce their lightning cables.

But now instead of having 3 different cables, you can just have one very adaptable cable.

Quite genius, if you ask us!


A smaller and a thinner phone comes with a sacrifice: the lack of the AUX port, which creates a need to use earphones with a non-standard plug, and takes away the opportunity to charge the phone and listen to music at the same time.

But fear not, we can eliminate the annoying problem by using a simple external cable.

Checkmate, companies that want to make us buy a new set of earphones.


We've seen laptop stands, we've seen charger docks too, but this is the first time we are seeing these two things tastefully united in one.

The lack of external ports on your new Macbook (or any other laptop with a USB 3.0 output) can be concerning, which can be easily fixed with this device.

Warning, the price does bite.


We feel that there is a joke about chocolate-covered cherries here, but in this context it is hard to imagine it coming out in an appetizing manner.

This lovely bathroom cleaner will add a visually pleasing element to your bathroom decor.


Did disgruntled Ginger poop in your slippers again or decided to use your $1,800 sofa as a scratching board? Keep him busy with the catnip-infused fish plushie.

This is an equivalent to giving your kid a tablet playing YouTube Kids, only that it costs much lower.


If you suffer from the chilly limbs syndrome during the colder months, this electric heat pad will wrap your feet in a comfy hug. You will love it so much that regular slippers will start feeling neglected.

As if you need another reason to stay in front of the computer for a longer period of time.


Remember the freakout you had at the coffee shop when the poor tired waiter mistakenly added an extra piece of butter cake to your bill, Margaret?

Well, with this bottle you will have an extra reminder you needed to take your pills. Breathe freely, Margaret.


Playing cards that glow in dark: it seems like such a simple idea.

Should come super useful should you find yourself in a poorly-lit prison cell. In which case, do not, I repeat: do not drop the soap.

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