Things you can get for $1 or less from AliExpress – Vol. 1

AliExpress is pretty well-known for the abundance of awesomely inexpensive products. I'm sure we all at least once bought something only because it was dirt cheap, just to see what it'll be like – I know I have (here is an unboxing video, where I show the things that I bought for $1 or less). If you are new to AliExpress, check out How To Shop on AliExpress. The rest – please keep reading.

And while there still are countries, where people are making less than $5 a day, most of us would consider anything that costs <$1 practically free.

So here are some of the cheapest yet (somewhat) useful things you can but on AliExpress.

Things you can get for $1 or less


The cheapest products from AliExpress

Glow-in-dark Earphones


Price: $1.17

These crappy earphones would probably cost $7-12 at stores. The quality won't be the best, of course, but you won't be paying as much for them, and keep them for emergencies, since earphones get lost all the time.

Plus, they glow in dark.

Purchase link:


Anti-slip “sticky” mat

anti-slip car mat

Price: $0.79

Phones seem to stick to it like glue.

Purchase link:


OTG adapter

otg usb adapter

Price: $0.73

Mirco-USB to USB OTG (on-the-go) adapter that lets you connect a USB device, such as a computer mouse, to your phone. Cute butwhy.gif.

Purchase link:


USB card reader

usb card reader

Price: $1.17

Remember the OTG adapter from above? This is where it can come handy to be able to read media cards with your phone.

Purchase link:


Braided USB cable

micro usb braided cable

Price: $1.39 – 1.82

I have one on these, and it rocks. Really solid tips and wire. The short one is handy for carrying around.

Purchase links: 

Micro USB –
iPhone (8-pin) –


Garlic/gigner/etc. mincer

garlic mincer

Price: $1.00

Garlic helps fight acne, common cold, and (ironically enough) bad breath, so you should consider eating more of it. And this handy device will help you do it.

Purchase link:


Garlic/ginger/etc. slicer

garclic grater

Price: $0.88

And a different kind.

Purchase link:




Straw glasses

straw drinking glasses

Price: $0.85

You can wear them and drink from them at the same time!

Purchase link:


Acrylic pins

Price: varie$

There is a lot more different ones in suggested products on AliExpress.

Purchase link:


Space pendants

space galaxy pendants

Price: $0.50

I guess you could say, these are out of this world. Huehuehue…

Purchase link:


Hand Of The King brooch

hand of the king brooch

Price: $0.79 – 0.89

Be careful to not wear it while pooping.

Purchase link:


Neurotransmitter molecules

dna molecules

Price: $0.55+

An $0.84 pendant that lets you feel intellectually superior in relation to other people? Yes please!

Purchase link:


[A lot more brooches for under $1 here:]


Low-cut ankle socks

low cut ankle socks

Price: $0.48 – 0.59

Low-cut ankle socks are to be worn with ankle shoes, loafers, moccasins, and some wear them with golf shoes.

Purchase link:


3D socks

3d socks

Price: $0.82 – 0.88

But socks don't always have to be boring.

Purchase link: ||


Gold-plated AUX cable

Price: 0.84 – 1.88 (depending on the length)

Purchase link:


Thin LED sports watch

wrist silicone watch

Price: $1.00 – 1.10

These don't look too bad at all (as seen in our $1 Or Less from AliExpress – Vol. 2 video).

Purchase link:


Super awesome digital watch

Cheap digital watch

Price: $0.61

Most 90's kids probably had one of those, but I don't remember them being sold for less than a can of pop.

Purchase link:


Shock pen

Price: $0.91

Yep, that's the pen that slightly electrocutes you you when you push the button.

Purchase link:


EU/US adapter

us to eu adapter

Price: $0.78

If you needed one of those, but were too lazy didn't have time to go to the store, here is your chance.

Purchase link:


US/EU adapter

eu to us plug

Price: $0.39

And if you are in the US/Canada…

Purchase link:


Kitty coin purses

kitty coin purse

Price: $0.85 – 0.99

There are 20 different designs available in this listing. Meow!

Purchase link:


Money clip

Price: $0.98

An ultimate minimalist wallet.

Purchase link:



ski mask

Price: $1.48

For cycling/skiing/snowboarding and whatnot.

Purchase link:

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    • awsteenpowerz69yahoobiz
      Thank you! Most of the stuff in this list is fairly solid. I have the braided cable, and it's amazing. I also have pins, the quality is good too. Socks and pendants can't be too bad. I am not sure what the USB card reader will be like, but it is so cheap you can buy a few just in case (or just buy a more expensive one if you really need one). I think both kitchen accessories and the OTG adapter looks legit too, but I had no first-hand experience with them.
    • awsteenpowerz69yahoobiz
      Hi Binod, there are no AliExpress stores in India. The beauty of this website is that the items are so cheap for the reason of low overheads. So if there was a store, the goods would cost more. I buy so much stuff from there every month, and it takes a few weeks to arrive. But I don't mind waiting, because the saving are SO substantial!

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