Geeky items you saw somewhere, but never knew where to get – Vol. 1

 10 Geeky Gift Ideas for Nerds

Some geeky items for your inner (or your outer, I don't judge) nerd.

USB mini fridge


Price: $14.34.

Having a chill refreshment handy 🙂

Purchase link:


Tardis iPhone 5/5S case
Tardis iPhone 5 case 1.32from

Product link:


Octopus beanie hat

5 color options

Octopus Hat 4.86 9 optionsfrom

Purchase link:


Mario mushroom USB vacuum cleaner

6 color options, as pictured below

Mushroom vacuum cleaner 5.99 6 optionsfrom

Price: $7.68

Purchase link:


Knight hat

5 color options

Knight Hat 6.75 9 optionsfrom

Price: $5.19

Purchase link:


Humping dog USB

not a memory drive, just the annoying bastardHumping dog - no memory 2.83from

Price: $3.11

Purchase link:


Geeky watch with a unique way of showing time

Geeky watch 11.99from

Price: $7.74

Purchase link:


Ferrofluid in a bottle

Ferrofluid 16.99from 

Price: $14.44

A small bottle with ferofluid (aka magnetic fluid), magnets are included.

Purchase link:


A cup with a cookie/munchies holder

Price: $10.45

This way you can bring even MORE cookies to your rig.

Purchase link:


Beard beanie hat

5 color optionsBeard hat 4.91 5 optionsfrom

Price: $3.92

Can't grow a beard? Buy one from AliExpress!

Purchase link:

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