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2019’s FIRST unboxing and review

If I had a dime for every time someone commented on my video saying that it would be useful if I made a video actually testing the products instead of just showing product pictures, I would have exactly that many cents as in a name of a rapper that nobody cares about anymore.

But okay, I hear you, why not: here is a new unboxing/review video, the first of this year. They're fun to make, actually, I almost forgot how much I enjoyed working on them.

All the products are linked below the video.










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Portable camping stove (emphasis on “PORTABLE”)

I am a big camping enthusiast. It's hard to imagine not being in love with the nature coming from Almaty, Kazakhstan (lots of pretty mountains around) and moving to Vancouver, Canada (even more pretty mountains and also lakes). I do it all: day hikes, motorcycle camping, lazy car camping, tenting, hammocking, road-tripping.

Over years I have collected and refined my camping arsenal: a silicone-sealed lightweight tent, a pop-up tent, fancy inflatable mattress, summer and winter sleeping bags, and now – this portable camping stove. I don't know why I have waited for so long to buy one, considering that it's so cheap and useful.

What's included in the set.

The setup is simple yet elegant. There are two stackable containers, mesh bag and a plastic box with the burner. The mesh bag is useful because it does not trap any dust, and it does not prevent the containers from drying.

The big container can be used for heating water (the smaller one should be used as a lid because it helps the water to boil faster and saves the fuel) or to boil veggies. Once the water is ready I use the smaller container to eat out of.

The good and the bad.

The paper that came included with the set said something about this burner to be used with the propane-isobutane mix (can't remember exactly), and I spent around an hour looking at different gas cans in the outdoor store trying to pick one that matched the specs, only to find out that there is no need to get fancy and any butane/propane blend can be used as long as the connections match, and the difference is only noticeable if you camp below -3°C, which I almost never do.

The way the burner and the gas can fit perfectly inside the containers is very satisfying.

The total weight of the set is just about 500 grams, or a little over 1 lb., which is great for any type of camping and hiking. The capacity of the bigger container: up to 1 liter if you fill it to the rim, otherwise – the maximum mark is 800ml.

What I liked:

  • Small size and low weight
  • Non-stick surface
  • Silicone-covered handles (don't need anything to hold it when hot)
  • Collapsible

What I didn't like:

  • The ignition seems too unreliable; it has worked fine so far, but I wouldn't rely on it – always carry a lighter or another source of fire
  • Takes time to boil (can be solved by using a windshield or an upgraded container – as suggested by sweet_story_bro on Reddit)
  • Not very stable and needs a flat surface (this can be solved by the stand)


Collapsible igniter/burner is easy to transport, and you can fit the gas and additional items such as spices and matches/lighter inside the containers. The ignition does not seem very reliable, but it's not critical as long as you have a backup source of fire. The material is non-stick and easy to clean. In my eyes, it is a great set for the price.

Bonus pic: Joffre Lakes in BC. Canada is beautiful!

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$15.99 Hypebeast hoodie: REVIEW

Getting clothing from AliExpress can be tricky. It took me a few tries to get a hold of the sizing, but once I did I was able to order things with confidence that they will fit. I now have over 20 different unique items in my closet (excluding a ton of socks) that I wear all the time.

The few reasonable questions are:

  1. How is the quality?
  2. How to pick the size?
  3. How to pick items – do you need to go with the ones with the more orders and feedback, or is it safe to pick ones with a little amount of orders?

If you just want to see the review, scroll further down to the review portion of this article, if not – I will answer all three right now.

How is the quality of the things?

Generally speaking, you need to look at the material in the description. I have a few t-shirts that are made from polyester. It is not the most breathable material out there, to say the least. I ended up donating most of them, only keeping the ones that have unique prints (like this Bernie Sanders t-shirt).

I noticed that the description is accurate – the material stated is accurate – the sellers don't want to have people starting disputes, and the size charts are very helpful. This bring me to the next point.

How to pick the size?

Look at the size charts – can't be any easier than that. Take out that measuring tape, and ask someone to measure you: the length of your arms (shoulder to wrist), shoulder width and chest are the most important ones. Write them down somewhere and always refer to them when picking sizes. If the size is borderline, go with the larger one.

Keep in mind, that sizes on AliExpress are Asian sizes – they are smaller than the North American sizes. For example, I normally wear M/L, and on AliExpress I get typically get between XL and XXL.

How to pick items?

Do you need to go with the ones with the more orders and feedback, or is it safe to pick ones with a little amount of orders?

I go by the pictures in the item description, and buy things based on whether I like how they look in the item description. I browse through the pages and pages with products, and then look in the stores section and in suggested products. Sometimes if I need a specific item, like a faux leather jacket or a reflective windbreaker, I use the search bar and sort by the amount of feedback – this way it's easier to find out how the quality and the fit is.

But often times I come across items that have no or very little feedback and I still buy them if I like the style. This way there is a little more risk but I always have the option to start a dispute if the item is significantly different from what was promised. I had to do a dispute once on the faux leather jacket because instead of the blue color the seller sent the black one, and I got $5 that I asked for back – I didn't want to take too much money away from the seller knowing how low their profit margin is. But the quality of this jacket is amazing, and it looks great – especially for the amount of money that I paid for it.

Now let's move to the review portion of this post.

Hypebeast hoodie: REVIEW

On the pictures below you see two items. The hoodie itself, and the white sweatshirt with two zippers on the sides (size L). The sweatshirt on its own can be seen in the video, and in the pictures below you can see the hoodie with and without the sweatshirt. I like wearing them both at the same time because I like how they look.

The size that I got is XXL, and to be honest I should've bought the XXXL, because the sleeves are a bit too short. But with the sweatshirt it looks good because its sleeves peek out.

The material is polyester and cotton. They don't say which part is made of what, my guess is that the body is cotton, and the details (the stripe that runs on the back and the straps) are made of polyester.

The white long-sleeve sweatshirt with zippers is full cotton. I am very happy with it, it goes well with a few different outfits that I have, and I doubt that I would find anything like this for $10 USD in stores – or at the very least it would take a lot more effort than a few clicks mouse clicks.

Here are the pictures of what they look like on me. My doggo Lady decided to also model in the shots 🙂


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Alfawise BT-200 Soundbar – a $40 miracle! REVIEW

Sadly, this speaker has been discontinued. Here is a list of the best speakers under $49 that you can still buy

Earlier this month I was looking at soundbars for one main reason: the speakers on my smart TV, like on most smart TVs are not the loudest.

Often times I crank the volume to 100, and it still isn't loud enough to cover the sound of me crunching on guac+chips so I often had to stop chewing while binge-watching The Office for the third time.

Then I was contacted by GearBest to try their Alfawise BT-200.

To be honest, I was skeptical, because I thought it was another one of those no-name speakers with mediocre sound quality and with thick Chinese accent that notifies you when the speaker being ready to pair (though with the last point – it certainly was the case), but when the package arrived a little over a week later I was pleasantly surprised. But first things first.

Bluetooth version: 4.1
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz
Charging time: 2 – 3 hours
Standby time: 240 hours 
Dimensions: 55.00 x 5.00 x 5.00 cm
Weight: 630 grams
SNR: 80dB
Output power: 5W x 4

But the main question, how is the sound quality?

Testing Alfawise BT-200

When I look at the sound quality it is important to always take the price into account.

The volume of the Alfawise is great. It is deep, dimensional and the sound does not pop at high volume. The quality is pure and there is enough bass. The speaker is therefore more than suitable for watching a movie or listening to your favourite album (which for me right now is Pink Floyd's “Dark Side Of The Moon”) – both indoors and outdoors.

The bass can be described as “decent” as there is no dedicated subwoofer, but it is unreasonable to expect a $40 speaker to have one. Of course there are better higher-end speakers out there, but they are not nearly in the same price range as the BT-200. At this price, the sound quality is very impressive.

Bluetooth, even 4.1, has a small delay, so the sound is not completely synchronized with the movie, so it is best to use an AUX cable. Which brings me to my next point.

Features, design and battery life

  • RCA input
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • 3.5mm AUX input
  • Micro-USB port for charging
  • 10 Hours play time (contrary to the 2.5 hours as listed in the description)

The speaker comes with a manual, RCA (red and white cables) to AUX, remote control and a charging cable. The manual went into the paper recycling right away (I was very confident in my ability to know how to turn it on), and the charging cables into the box with a plethora of all other charging cables.

The only thing that I was not a big fan of is the plastic that was used on the body. It is more on a slim side, and it feels like a cheap speaker. I feel like I am being a stickler, and it is more of a personal preference though and it doesn't reflect on the quality of the sound. If there is something that they could save the production cost on, I would rather it be the casing, instead of the tweeters or the internal components.

Right now, the speaker is plugged in to the RCA input on the TV for the sound, and to the USB for charging – even though having no wires is nice, not having to worry about the battery dying in the middle of the movie is nicer. It is still a much more lightweight and painless setup than with the conventional 2.1 speakers.

Overall, I am very impressed with the speaker so far. The battery life is good, the range is reasonable, the sound is spectacular for the price. The bass could be stronger, and the thin case plastic does not make it feel like a high-end speaker.

However, accounting for the price and all the needed features like the Bluetooth 4.1, SD card support, strong battery life and, most importantly, clear sound, I can't see any reasons to skip buying this speaker.

Objective rating

“Is it really ONLY $40? WOW!” – my friends while watching The Matrix with the BT-200

Unfortunately, this soundbar has been discontinued. We have linked a few other options below.