30 AliExpress Electronic Gadgets for $3 Or Less

In this video we will see 30 cheap electronic products from AliExpress for $3 or less, including free shipping to most countries. All product links to these bargains are right below the video.


Charger dock station – http://ali.ski/rK2TSl

USB LED light – http://ali.ski/t8tK4D

Gaming mouse – http://ali.ski/aPSqNG

All in one card reader – http://ali.ski/yTWdC

Soft strip light – http://ali.ski/t66CGW (+power source http://ali.ski/NpDQqt)

LED flashlight – http://ali.ski/hb0GZ

Smartphone sound amplifier – http://ali.ski/80aL_

USB fan – http://ali.ski/YdaSXX

Solar panels – http://ali.ski/mo7KmD

Glue gun – http://ali.ski/CHcqC (US plug); http://ali.ski/LChNiD (EU plug)

Color-changing night light – http://ali.ski/0smke

Alarm clock / calendar / thermometer – http://ali.ski/D3rl7

Monopod (selfie stick) – http://ali.ski/kd8E-

Car cigarette plug USB adapter – http://ali.ski/HjDUU

MP3 player – http://ali.ski/nyaCo

LED sound-sensitive bracelets – http://ali.ski/HCGAc

5m (16.5 ft.) string light – http://ali.ski/SKxkb5

Programmable button clicker – http://ali.ski/1GMf5

Laptop cooling pad – http://ali.ski/Glfh3

5mW laser – http://ali.ski/b2M_bQ

10 in 1 charger – http://ali.ski/xiwkRR

Shoe LED clip – http://ali.ski/IlBYEz

USB AA/AAA battery charger – http://ali.ski/d_xh1

USB OTG adapter – http://ali.ski/E7PhCm

Earphones – http://ali.ski/zYsdUD

3-Diode tiny LED light – http://ali.ski/GV0u1

USB type-C to 3.5mm earphone jack – http://ali.ski/Ag0iD

Cardboard VR glasses – http://ali.ski/T3P65C

Tire LED valve cap – http://ali.ski/n5UD9

LED fidget spinner that is also a Bluetooth speaker – http://ali.ski/YhwEI


  1. Joe July 27, 2017 at 8:39 am

    Some links are wrong..

    exemple : LED fidget spinner that is also a Bluetooth speaker
    link to earphones

    1. Admin July 27, 2017 at 4:56 pm

      Thank you, fixed!


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