Best-selling products (Q2 2017) on AliExpress

There is a whole ton of things that you can buy on AliExpress. Some are good, and some – not so much. As the title states, in this video we will show you the best-selling products of 2017, some of which have been purchased over 50,000 times!

This is by far the most popular video on our channel – at 100,000+ views. It may not sound like a lot, but for me it is a pretty big milestone 🙂

All product links and pictures are below the video.

Best-selling products of 2017 on AliExpress

Fidget cube

A fidget cube first appeared on KickStarter, and has collected $6.5 million in less than 2 months. Shortly thereafter we started seeing them on AliExpress, and it is still sold quite well to this date. Fidget cube is a toy for people who like to shuffle stuff around, there are many buttons, spinners and switches, some of which do and do not make a sound. It will keep your hands busy, and your brain focused.

Product link:


11 in 1 Multi-tool

This survival tool is sold in a few different listings, but the count on the biggest ones that we saw was clocking at 13,000 orders. This credit card sized multi-tool has 11 functions: a hacksaw, a hex key, a ruler, a bottle and a can opener, and a few others. It even comes with its own carrying case, which is a good idea, since one of the other uses is a knife.

Product link:


Emergency firestarter

Another survival tool, this emergency lighter. It appears that you might need to add gas to it in order for it to work, and it is unclear if there is any in there when it arrives. I could be wrong, I just have a hard time understanding how it would work without gas or any other flammable substance.

Product link:


Leaf earring

The next product – these gold plated leaf shaped earrings – have an astonishing 50,000 items sold. For 26 cents with free shipping we very much doubt it is real gold, but you can’t doubt it is a pretty fair deal.

Product link:


Happy toilet vinyl sticker

This 60 cent vinyl sticker with a happy face sold a total of 10,000 items. An idea to put it on a toilet resonated well with the buyers, and so it became a happy toilet sticker, which makes it seem your white throne enjoys its job, despite all the crap it has to take from customers every day.

Product link:


Bamboo fiber cat ankle socks

These cat ankle socks were bought over 18,000 times. They are made from bamboo fiber, the most comfortable, not to mention sustainable eco-friendly material ever. There are 10 designs to pick from, or if you are buying more than 1 pair, you can select a random option.

Product link:


Galaxy pendants

These pretty galaxy necklaces have been bought more than 9000 times, and there are 9 designs to pick from. You can give the universe to someone for a mere 50 cents – with free shipping. The pictures from the feedback indicate that they look as good in real life.

Product link:


13 $1 pendants

This listing has 13 different pendants, which were collectively purchased over 13,000 times. I wish I could say there are some for every taste – but these ones are quite specific, like the tree of life, Yin Yang, and crystals. The come on either a string or a chain.

Product link:


iPhone fast charge cable

OEM cables cost a lot of money, but the aftermarket cables from can do the job just as well. This specimen even supports the fast charge, which is impressive for a $1 cable. See what the some of the 5400 buyers have to say about it – the link is in the description.

Product link:


Laser pointer

This laser pointer listing has just over 2700 buyers, but there were many others with thousands of purchases. This is probably as close as you can get to being a Jedi for $3.

Product link:


  1. Yee Xian Liew November 28, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    Hi! May I ask how did you derive this list?

    1. Admin November 29, 2017 at 11:21 am

      Hi, I did it by looking at the sales data in my affiliate account, and on the amount of orders in the product listing itself.


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